Friday, February 22, 2008


My dad reminded me the other day that I hadn't yet updated this site in February. I apologize and I will try to give some updates.

I have eaten Wings several times this month: I had 22 Wings at Moe's and Joe's and have concluded that they are just "meh." I ate another 10 Wings with the "Aqua Teens" at a place called Burger Joe's. They were delicious and tender.

I plan on writing about my journey to a Sticky Fingers restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina and I have to tell you about a Wing related mystery that was solved while I was in Charleston.

I do have the audio from the first portion of my interview on the Giant Show and I will find a way to put it up for you.

Also, I just have to tell you about a group of amazing Win eaters--from the United Kingdom.

Please do check back. I'm pretty busy today but I will try to update again this afternoon with an article about one of the above topics.

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Gabe said...

I don't know how I had not stumbled across your blog, but this is 100% concentrated awesome. I'm out of town right now, but when I get back to ATL, I will now be supremely inspired to go and eat more wings.

Don't know if you've tried them, but Miller's Ale House in Alpharetta (exit 8 off of 400) has some really good garlic wings (not spicy, but good for addicts of butter and garlic). The normal wings are, well, normal, but they're almost always moist and juicy.

Keep up the good work. People who don't eat wings just end up helping the terrorists.