Friday, February 22, 2008


My dad reminded me the other day that I hadn't yet updated this site in February. I apologize and I will try to give some updates.

I have eaten Wings several times this month: I had 22 Wings at Moe's and Joe's and have concluded that they are just "meh." I ate another 10 Wings with the "Aqua Teens" at a place called Burger Joe's. They were delicious and tender.

I plan on writing about my journey to a Sticky Fingers restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina and I have to tell you about a Wing related mystery that was solved while I was in Charleston.

I do have the audio from the first portion of my interview on the Giant Show and I will find a way to put it up for you.

Also, I just have to tell you about a group of amazing Win eaters--from the United Kingdom.

Please do check back. I'm pretty busy today but I will try to update again this afternoon with an article about one of the above topics.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Solution To The "Wing Hands" Problem

So, my month is over, but that doesn't mean that I am done writing about Wings. Keep checking back here for more Wing related articles and whatnot.

I received this comment from Paul Cassimuson my "Wet-naps" article:

"I've discovered that when eating wings, a beverage with a straw is a huge asset. That way, you don't even have to pick up your cup to drink, you just lean over and sip from the straw. You've posted pictures of people with "wing hands" gripping cups with the palms of their hands. I propose that we make drinking beer with a straw socially acceptable while eating wings to prevent the palm-cup-hold and make wing eating easier and more enjoyable."

I completely agree. Great call, Paul!

Wings, Squeak Style

Thursday night for dinner, a group of us went over to Squeak Alexander's house for some home cooked Wings. When I got there, he had the deep fryer set up on the stove which was the first time I had ever seen that. Squeak deep fried us up a bunch of Wings and we all brought over our favorite sauces for everyone to try. I brought over Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero and the "Carolina Buffalo Wing Sauce." Saucy Lady brought over a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's.

Squeak fried up some delicious Wings and he even breaded some of them before frying them. Those were especially good. Squeak followed all of the breading rules that I laid down in this post. I guess Kroger some chicken breading stuff that works a lot better than flour. I dunno... all I know is that it was really good.

Well, that was it. Nor more Wings in January. But don't worry, I have a feeling I will be eating hundreds more Wings this year!


Publix Wings Again

For lunch on Thursday, I went to Publix again. This time I did my Wings half Mo-Jo and half Mardi Gras. As always they were huge, delicious, and tender.