Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wings From Publix

During my interview on Fox 5 this morning, I mentioned to Jeff that I often get Wings from Publix. He seemed excited by this and told me about Mo-Jo flavored Wings. I had never tried them before and I'm always down to try Wings that you people recommend to me.

I picked up a dozen Wings from my local Publix, split evenly betweem Mo-Jo Wings, Mardi Gras Wings, and Orange Glazed Wings. Publix does make good Wings.

I had two complaints about the Wings though. First, they were cold. I was thinking long and hard about what to do about this when I had a brilliant revelation. I decided to heat the Wings up in the oven. That did the trick. They were great.

Here's my other complaint: The Wings at Publix are certainly not cheap. It cost me $8.96 not including tax for a dozen Wings. This compares with $7.45 for the Wings at The Blind Pig Tavern.

Next time you are at Publix, be sure to try the Mo-Jo Wings. Thanks for the suggestion, Jeff.

Wings Eaten So Far: 32

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