Friday, January 11, 2008


I had trouble getting Wings last night. First, I ordered Wings from a restaurant called Best Wings that had given me a flier. It turned out that the restaurant was on the other side of town and was not affiliated with the restaurant of the same name two miles from me. So, I got online and tried to find the number for the Best Wings near me.

This is when the internet went out. I love Comcast, but not really.

I was unable to get a number from best Wings from my phone, but was able to find the number for a place called Wingnuts which was about 3 minutes from where I was.

I was in the mood for somethin' spicy, so I ordered the Buffalo Insane Wings which are their hottest. I had tried Wingnuts years earlier when I was still living in Athens and was unimpressed. I was not expecting anything special--or even anything good.

The problem was that their Wings is that instead of the standard of 10 or 12 Wings that most restaurants have, Wingnuts allows you to order 8 or 15. It was a gamble, but I ordered 8 Wings hoping that they were not stragglers.

So, the fact that in the past they weren't good combined with the fat that I was only getting 8 was leading me to realize that I was probably setting myself up for a disappointing meal.

Then, I got to the restaurant.

Right there on the door, they had a big sign which proudly proclaimed themselves to be the "Home of the Boneless Wing." I won't go all the way into my opinions on boneless Wings right here. I wrote about it last year and you can find it here.

As I said, I have had their Wings before and didn't enjoy them. This time, however, I found their Wings to be really good. They were covered in a sauce that had a lot of crushed red peppers in it, they were all cooked nicely, and there wasn't anything even resembling a straggler in the whole bunch. The meat was so juicy.

I was really impressed. This shows the importance of second chances. You should
give them a try.


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