Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wing Eater Of The Week: Ben Allen

This weeks Wing eater is Ben Allen. Ben Allen loves Wings so much that he actually hates those who prefer the Drum over the Wing. He almost takes it personally. If you tell him that you prefer the Drum to the Wing, he gets a shocked look on his face like if you were to tell a child that there is no such thing as Santa Claus (by the way there isn't).

I think that if there were restaurants that served only the Wing or only the Drum, Ben would likely suicide bomb a Drum restaurant. Good thing there are no such restaurants. Ben pretty much confirmed this in the interview that I did with him. When I asked him which person of all times he would like to eat Wings with, he picked a certain Scottish terrorist leader.

Maybe his passion (extremism) about the Wing is what makes him such a fun person to eat Wings with.


Wing or the Drum: "Ummm. The wing. Anybody who answers drum to this question should have their voting privileges revoked for the upcoming election. He/she is obviously incapable of rational thought." (This is funny because Ben Allen never votes. Maybe the Drum eaters revoked his voting privileges...)
Ranch or Blue Cheese: "90% of the time I'll go with ranch. However if I'm in the right mood, and a wing joint makes homemade blue cheese I'll give it a shot." (That is my exact opinion too)
Favorite Wings In Atlanta: "My favorite wings in the A are Wild Wing's Wild West. These are not spicy wings, and I love my wings with some heat. But the Wild West wings are quite simply the tastiest wing formula you can get get in Atlanta."
Favorite Wings In The World: "Only surpassed by the Hot Honey BBQ wings at the Blind Pig Tavern in Athens. Armistead refers to these wings as crack for a reason."
If Ben Could Eat Wings With Anyone Alive: "If I could eat wings with any person alive? It would have to be Adriana Lima because I would then turn her into MY saucy lady."
If Ben Could Eat Wings With Anyone From All Time: "If I could eat wings with anyone that has ever existed? I would have to go with William Wallace, one of the baddest Mofos to ever walk the Earth. Even though he would probably eat his wings raw and just swallow the whole thing in one bite."

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