Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am writing about a topic that concerns me greatly. Wing eating is messy. Some Wingeaters are less messy than others, but eating Chicken Wings, especially swimming ones, is a messy game. I am a VERY messy eater. In fact, I have ruined two pairs of jeans this month due to my messy eating habits. Wing eating often results in "Wing hands," a situation where the hands are so covered in sauce that it becomes impossible to touch anything without messing up whatever you are touching.

I Some people clean their hands in between Wings. I do not. I think that this just wastes a lot of napkins. Plus, your hands are gonna be dirty again in a matter of seconds... Its like wiping before you poop.

And, even if you wait until you are done eating to clean up, you still can't get your hands completely clean with just napkins.

This is why Wing eating restaurants should be required to give out wet-naps with a Wing order. This should be a law.

Together we can get this law passed. But there is only one way to do this. On February 5th, be sure to vote for Chicken Wings in your state's primary or caucus.

We can win this!


Paul said...

I agree. I've discovered that when eating wings, a beverage with a straw is a huge asset. That way, you don't even have to pick up your cup to drink, you just lean over and sip from the straw. You've posted pictures of people with "wing hands" gripping cups with the palms of their hands. I propose that we make drinking beer with a straw socially acceptable while eating wings to prevent the palm-cup-hold and make wing eating easier and more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

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