Monday, January 7, 2008

The Vortex

Sorry for not updating yesterday. I know I promised daily updates, but shit happens.

On Freday (Friday) night, I went to the Vortex near 5 points for dinner. They have a great menu with a ton of really good looking food. Luckily, Buffalo Wings are the first item on the menu. That was easy!

I ordered the Sweet & Spicy Asian Wings because the waitress told me that it was her favorite style of Wing from there. The sauce was really good, but I'm not sure that it belongs on Chicken Wings. The waitress told me that it is also used on their crab rangoons and I could see how that would be very tasty. Also, the Wings were not crispy at all. I'm not a fan of Wings that are extremely crispy, but a Wing needs to have at least some crisp to it for me to enjoy it.

So, I was not a big fan of their Wings, but I would give them another try.


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