Thursday, January 24, 2008

Taco Stand

I went to the Taco Stand on Roswell Road last night for some Wings and trivia. I have written about them several times, but have not yet been there this January. As usual, I ordered my Wings Extra Hot and they brought me 12 HUGE Wings.

I really like their Wings. The sauce is kind of peppery and I would compare it somewhat to the TMI sauce that you can get at Dugan's, Taco Mac, or J.R. Cricket's. Although the sauce is not as good or as spicy as the sauces from those places, it still has a great taste to it. Me likey the Taco Stand.

Even though I was pretty full after 8 Wings, I still ate all 12. USA USA USA!


1 comment:

DavetheWingPrince said...

My friend Bob ate wings for 100 straight days. Compared to him, you're pretty much a ninny!