Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sticky Fingers Wings

My good friends at Sticky Fingers sent me a very nice care package last week. I had received an email from them telling me that they wanted my address so that they could send me some Wings and sauce. I replied to the email and sent them my address, hoping for maybe a bottle of sauce and a dozen Wings. Two days later, I was surprised to find a package from Sticky Fingers containing 50 precooked Wings and 4 bottles of Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero Sauce which is my favorite sauce of all time.

The Wings are hickory smoked and slathered in sauce, as you can see:

For those of you who read this blog a lot, you probably remember that two of my all time faovrite Wings are smoked. I am not usually a big fan of smoked meats, but I think smoking Chicken Wings keeps the Wings tender and locks in a lot of flavor. Those of you who read this blog regularly also know that Sticky Fingers is by far my favorite sauce. I love the flavor and thickness of the sauce. Despite the habanero in its name, the sauce isn't really all that hot. Simply put, it is delicious. I know that Brad Binion won't buy any other sauces for his Wings since he first tried Sticky Fingers.

I invited Jason Riddle (my Wingman), Brittany Lovell (my saucy lady), Art Noll, and Brett Barrett over to share the Wings with me. We followed the instructions that Sticky Fingers sent which called for cooking the Wings for 30 minutes in the over, covering them in sauce, and then cooking them for another 10 minutes. The guys all used Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero sauce on our Wings, while Brittany used Sticky Fingers Tennessee Whiskey (she can't handle any heat).

First off, let me say that these Wings were absolutely huge. There were several Wingzillas in the bunch and I didn't notice anything close to a straggler. Also, they were sooooo tender. I could not stop the meat from falling off the bone. It was one of the most amazingly beautiful things that I've ever seen, and I've looked into a mirror before.

The Wings were great, and I'm not just saying that because they sent them to me. They truly were great.

I am going to be in Charleston, South Carolina next month and I will definitely be stopping in to the Sticky Fingers restaurant there.

You can order Sticky Fingers Wings here. They will even tell you where in your state you can find their sauces and/or a Sticky Fingers restaurant.



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