Monday, January 21, 2008

Smith's Olde Bar

Patrick O'Berry recommended that I go to Smith's Olde Bar to try their Wings. I have been to Smith's a bunch of times, but I have never eaten there. I used to go for trivia which started at 9, so by then I had already eaten. Plus, its super expensive.

I ordered a dozen Hot Honey Mustard Wings which cost me a whopping $10.95!!! The funny thing is that the menu on their website has them listed for a much more moderate price of $6.95.

For Wings to be worth $10.95 a dozen, I either need to be in New York, or the Wings need to be the best Wings ever. Unfortunately, neither of these things were true Saturday night.

The Wings were pretty good. You couldn't taste any heat on the Hot Honey Mustard Wings (which were just a mix of their hot sauce and their honey mustard sauce), but the flavor from their buffalo sauce did make the Wings quite tasty. I definitely would eat them again-- if they were $3 or $4 less.


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joshthewingking said...

Wings don't cost $10.95 anywhere worth eating in Buffalo. Hell i won't pay more then $.30 a wing at most places. Good luck but if you want it to count for anything real stop eating "honey mustard Buffalo wings" and travel to Buffalo where we call the just plain "wings" the have "franks red hot" sauce and if they come with ranch it's pretty much open game on kicking the waitress' ASS.... Have fun with your applebees wing dings...