Thursday, January 17, 2008


Sorry that I have been falling a little behind in my writing. I have spent the last few days in an all day class for work out in Kennesaw. I made several posts from my phone to try to keep up, but I am done with the classes now, so I should be able to stay current.

That being said, yesterday, I was sitting in class all day long and I was hungry. It was about 1 P.M. and I hadn't eaten all day and I started fantasizing about food. Was I thinking about a burger? A steak? Some pizza? NO! I was thinking about Wings from King of Wings. Seriously.

Anyways... I met up with a former boss from an old job yesterday early in the afternoon. I hadn't seen Jeff since July and wanted to catch up with him. Since I don't know Kennesaw very well, I let Jeff pick us a restaurant. He ended up choosing Sidelines on Chastain and George Busby (near I-75).

We ordered 20 Extra Hot Wings for the two of us. The Wings were ready really quickly (of course, it was before 4pm and we were the only people in the restaurant) and they looked really good.

Although I did get one straggler, the rest of them were very big. The sauce was not spicy at all, but it was pretty good and had a BBQ like taste to it. Also, the Wings were pretty dry and slightly over cooked, yet they still tasted all right.

One cool thing about Sidelines is that each table has its own TV and you can change the channel on it so that you don't get stuck watching CNN or golf. Overall, I'd rank them as OK. They might be better if I had gone at a traditional lunch or dinner hour. I would give them another chance.


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