Monday, January 14, 2008

Planet Bombay

Much like Gob Bluth, I've made a huge mistake.

Last night, I went to Planet Bombay near Five Points with Brittany. I had been there before and happened to notice Tandoori Wings on the menu. Brittany wanted Indian food last night and I figured that sitting in an Indian restaurant and only eating Wings wouldn't drive me insane. The food in there smelled so good. I just wanted to eat some of the Indian food sooooo bad. Instead, I felt like a major asshole ordering only Wings at an Indian restaurant.

The Tandoori Wings were good... at first. But, the Wings just didn't have much flavor to them which is surprising considering that Indian food usually has a ton of flavor. In the end, I was very unimpressed with them. Plus at $5.99 for 6 of them, they were the most expensive Wings that I have ever eaten.

I love Indian food, but I will probably never eat Wings at an Indian place again.

That place smelled so good though... I am now craving Indian food.


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