Friday, January 25, 2008

Nathan Scott Philips Wings

I went over to my friend Gneighthan's (Nathan's) house for dinner last night. He cooked a bunch of shit including steaks, mashed potatoes, corns, green beans, and some desserts. It all looked so good.

Lucky for me, Nate was thoughtful enough to pick up some Wings for my enjoyment. He went to Publix and grabbed some Mardi Gras Wings which I find to be delicious. Then, he made his own sauce which actually consisted of chipotle BBQ packets from McDonalds and some honey. Lets just call it a Chipotle Honey BBQ Sauce. Nate then poured the sauce on the Wings and put them on the grill to cook them. After that, he brought them inside, left them on the counter for a half an hour and then put them in the oven (I have no idea why).

The Wings (actually they were all Drums for some reason) were really good. I actually didn't even use one bit of Ranch or Blue Cheese. Of course, they were all big and tasty.

I had never thought about mixing Publix Wings with McDonalds BBQ Sauce and honey, but it worked out. I was full after like 8 or 9 Wings, but I kept eating them anyways because they were that good.


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