Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mystery Sauce

I was in Asheville, North Carolina a few months back and I stopped into a farmers market. While I was in there, I bought a bottle of sauce especially for hot Wings. The bottle came with a box glued around it that had a picture of a cowboy on it. On the top, there was a plastic cowboy hat. Sometime ago, I removed the box from the sauce and there is no label on the bottle itself.

Therefore, I don't know the name of the sauce that I put on my Wings for lunch yesterday.

And that is a shame.

The sauce had a name like "Ass Flamin," "Ass Burnin," or something similar. I really wish I knew the name of it. It was really good. The sauce was a spicy buffalo style sauce. It was fairly peppery and was pretty spicy. The spice didn't kick in right away, but by the end of my Wing eating, my mouth was on fire. This made for some really good Wings. I still have some of the sauce in my fridge and I will definitely use it again. If I ever see this sauce again, I will have to buy another bottle.


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