Thursday, January 3, 2008

Moe's And Joe's

I was gonna cook Wings for dinner last night but ended up going out. I went to Moe's and Joe's on North Highland in Atlanta. Before last night, I had tried Moe's and Joe's Wings 3 times and twice they were really good, and the other time, they were just "meh." When they cook their Wings right, Moe's and Joe's makes them delicious. They are tender and covered in a nice and somewhat spicy buffalo sauce. Usually they are swimming in sauce and the Wings are rather large.

Unfortunately, last night's Wings were not among the best that I have had there. I was hoping to have a plate of their finest Wings and write a great review about Moe's and Joe's. They were by no means bad though. The sauce was still good, but the Wings were pretty dry. Also, in my 3 previous trips to Moe's and Joe's, I rarely had a straggler, but last night I had quite a few. I am gonna have to count last night as an off night for Moe's and Joe's. I would definitely recommend that you give them a try.

They did earn some points by giving me an extra Wing. I ordered 12 and got 13! I wasn't that hungry and ended up only eating 11, but still, I appreciate the effort.

Here's an interesting note about Moe's and Joe's. last week, I was talking to the owner of the bar "Cavern" which is located right next to Moe's and Joe's. She told me that as good as their Wings are, the owner really takes pride in his Blue Cheese dressing. Apparently he has a top secret recipe. The recipe is reportedly so secret that he will not give it to his cooks! I was told that he makes the Blue Cheese at home and then brings it into the restaurant so that no one can see how he does it.

I really liked their Blue Cheese and this is a perfect opportunity to start the Ranch vs. Blue Cheese debate which I will do in my next post. Real quickly: I prefer Ranch over Blue Cheese, but if the Wings are good and cooked well, I rarely use any sauce. I like Blue Cheese dressing on things like salads and burgers, but generally am not a fan of it on my Wings because of the texture. However, Moe's and Joe's has some excellent Blue Cheese. In their dressing, the Blue Cheese chunks sit on the bottom of the cup, so that you can taste the sauce without having to get chunks on your Wings (although you can if you want). I did a lot of dipping last night, especially for me. It also went well on the celery.

Give Moe's and Joe's a try.


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