Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Local

I went to The Local for Wings again last night. This is my 3rd time going there and I knew that I had to eat them this month. If you remember the review that I gave them last month, I called them the "Best Wings In Atlanta."

I am gonna go ahead and stick by that.

I have really enjoyed the Wings every time that I have been to The Local. Last night, they were the best Wings that I have had there. They solved the complaint that I previously had about the lack of spice in their "Hot" Wings. Last night, the Wings definitely had some heat to them, although they were not too hot for the average Wing-eater.

I was served 8 Wings and 2 Drums. Nothing close to a straggler was among them. Nothing besides delicious was tasted. The Wings at The Local are some of the most tender Wings I have ever tried. They were so juicy, the spice was great, and all the Wings were huge.

This may have been the perfect plate of Wings.

I have seriously spent over 3 hours trying to rotate this video so that I could put it up. For some reason, the video recorded at a 90 degree angle and there is no easy way to flip a video. I downloaded 7 different programs to try to flip it and only one worked. There is a watermark on the video, but I don't care. Its the best I could do.

Look at how easy the meat comes off the bone. (Thats what she said):

This is what a boneyard should look like. Notice how clean all the bones are:


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