Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Livin' The Dream

This is the real reason why I wanted the pictures from Blind Pig:

If you can't tell what that is on my head, it is a Chicken Wing hat. The man to the left of me is named Tim and has been living the dream for the last 10 years. I struck up a conversation with Tim outside of the Blind Pig. I started telling him how good their Wings and sauces are and ended up finding out that Tim has worked at Blind Pig for about 10 years! That is so awesome. My only question is how he is still alive after eating their food for 10 years.

Tim bought that hat off E-Bay and was nice enough to give it to me. You are the man Tim!


1 comment:

FiglyN said...

Hey Fred. "100 Days of Wings" Monthly called. They want you for their cover.