Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ken's Steakhouse Lemon Pepper

I do not like Lemon Pepper style Chicken Wings. I have never had any that I have liked, and I've tried a bunch. As yall know, I prefer my Wings swimming in sauce, and lemon pepper Wings are dry.

I found a wet Lemon Pepper mix at Publix. I love Ken's Steakhouse Ranch and their Buffalo Sauce isn't bad.

I mixed up a batch of Lemon Pepper Wings and was not a fan. I liked them better than I like most Lemon Pepper Wings, but I still wouldn't say that I enjoyed them. I find this strange because lemon and pepper are two of my favorite flavors in food.


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Sally Ferguson said...

Now, that is a lot of wings!
We're having the youth group over Sunday night for the Super Bowl and will be serving Lemon Pepper Wings. We're on the hunt for a great recipe!