Sunday, January 20, 2008

It Is Important To Have Faith

I went to Athens Friday night to celebrate my friend Dan's birthday. It was also a nice excuse to get some great Wings. While walking to a Wing establishment Friday night, I heard a loud voice shriek "Phred." It scared the hell out of me and I thought it was my mom or something. Instead, it was Faith Berrier.

She was surprised and disappointed to see me in Athens. It turned out that she was planning on bringing me back a dozen Wings from Blind Pig (my favorite Wings). She is much nicer than Ben Allen. She seemed really bummed about seeing me in Athens because it meant that she couldn't surprise me. When I told her that it was the thought that counted, she replied "well, now my thought is ruined!" This would have been a great surprise and I do feel bad for spoiling it.

Faith is a great thing.

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