Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wing Eater Of The Week: B.A.

I am going to start doing a new feature on my site each week where I will feature a favorite Wing eater of mine. I plan on calling it: Wing Eater (let me finish) of the Week.

B.A. is one of my favorite Wing eaters. If there was a fantasy Wing eating team like fantasy football or baseball teams, I would draft B.A. second (after myself of course). Ben eats Wings faster than anyone I have ever eaten with. He is usually done with his Wings before I dip my first one into the Ranch!

Here is a video of Ben eating Wings. He has slowed himself down so that we can see it, but enjoy. Ignore the background music.

You can also find the video here.
B.A's stats:

Wing or Drum: A nice mixture of both
Ranch or Blue Cheese: Ranch
If Ben could eat Wings with any living person it would be: Conan O'Brien
If Ben could eat Wings with any person from history it would be: Genghis Khan
Favorite Wing place in Atlanta: Wild Wing Cafe
Favorite Wing in Atlanta: Ranchilada from Wild Wing Cafe
Favorite Wing place in the world: Blind Pig Tavern in Athens, GA
Favorite Wing in the world: Hot-Honey BBQ from Blind Pig


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