Saturday, January 5, 2008

Home Made Sauce

I made my own sauce this morning. I used a little Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero Sauce and Ketchup and added all kinds of stuff from my kitchen including honey, brown sugar, Sirachi, and a bunch of other ingredients. I have never tried to make a sauce before and I was surprised at how good it turned out. I'm gonna make the next batch of sauce without and Sticky Fingers base now that I kind of know what I am doing. Like I said though, it turned out to be good sauce. It was really spicy (not as bad as the Hell Wing from King Of Wings), but the honey and brown sugar gave it a nice sweetness to it. So, the sauce was good...

But, the Wings were gross. Those frozen Wings I bought from Kroger are so gross. They are mostly fat and were just no good. Even though the sauce that I made was really good, the Wings were awful. I may not even finish the bag before I run out to Publix for new Wings.


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