Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Before the game last night, I went to Gevito's on Ponce and Barnett (I don't know why they spelled Barnet with an extra t, but whatever). Gevito's is a pizza place that also serves Wings and I have driven by it a bunch of times. I found a menu online and was amazed by how cheap their Wings are. You can get 10 Wings for only $5.49 and 15 for only $7.49, so you would think thats a good deal.

But..... Take a look at these Wings next to a Chapstick:

Unfortunately, they were all about that size. This brought back awful memories of Harry's Wings and Subs who's Wings were compared in size to AAA batteries.

However, These Wigns were not bad at all. I ordered the standard Hot Wings and was amazed by their taste considering the size of them. These were some of the smallest Wings I have ever eaten, but they were definitely the smallest Wings that I enjoyed.

The meat was real tender and was pretty good. Actually, it pretty much fell off the bone. The sauce was pretty good too, a standard Buffalo sauce with a peppery taste to it (not too hot).

If you decide to get Wings from Gevito's, you probably want to go ahead and order at least 15 of them.



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