Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Frankie's--An Old Favorite

I used to go to Frankie's (285 and Roswell Road) every Tuesday night for trivia, but recently I switched spots. I love Frankie's Wings. They are not the best in Atlanta by any means, but they are consistently tasty. They always have good size to them, they are always smothered in a little extra sauce, and they are just about always cooked very nicely. I ordered a dozen Wings, half of them Hot and half of them Carolina BBQ. As usual, they were damn good.

I have missed Frankie's Wings since I stopped going there as much and I need to start hitting it up again.

On another note, I was asked by my waiter (who I have never seen before in my life) if I was the guy who eats only Chicken Wings. Its kind of cool to be recognized, but he didn't seem to have been to my site and when I asked him how he knew about the Chicken Wing Project he just told me that he "had heard about it from people." Kinda weird...

Frankie's is part of the Jock's and Jill's chain in Atlanta, so I'm assuming the Wings there are just as good.


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