Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The First Duds Of 2008

Last night before the Georgia game, we decided to order Wings from Wing Street. I was hungry, so I was really looking forward to the Wings. Because I was looking forward to them so much, the situation was bound to end in disaster. First off, the Wings took foooorever to get there.

Strike 1, but thats the kind of place that I let slide when I rate Wings.

The Wings smelled great. I knew that opening the box that they were in was gonna be great. Until...

This is where I would put the picture. Amac has it on "her" camera and I will post the pic when I get it.

The Wings were small. Teeny. Every single one of them was a straggler. Im talking major straggler, like the legendary Harry's Wings and Subs. I should have asked my friends if they had a AAA battery laying around so that I could have gotten a pic for yall. I ate 10 of them and was still hungry, compared with being full after 10 Wings at Taco Mac earlier in the day.

Plus, the Chicken Wings were breaded. I don't always have a problem with breading, but if you are gonna bread your Wings, do them right. I'll make a separate post about breading one of these days, I promise. The breading on the Wings was very thick and added no flavor to the Wings. If the breading is gonna take away from the taste of the Wings, rather than adding to them, a restaurant should know better and avoid doing this.

There was some good to them. The buffalo sauce that they used on the Wings was surprisingly good, and the sauce was hot, but not burning (although I did order a sauce called Buffalo Burning Hot).

I probably won't be going back there anytime soon.


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