Friday, January 18, 2008

Fat Matt's Chicken Shack

A while back, Art sent me a list of the top rated Wing restaurants in Atlanta. The only one that I had ever even heard of was Fat Matt's Chicken Shack. I have been by it a bunch of times and have wanted to try it for a while. I ordered 10 Hot Wings from there, and was literally salivating at the other food that they had. Amazingly enough, the food that I craved the most was fried chicken. I know...

So, here's the deal with these Wings. Simply put, they were generic. Nothing special here at all.

I know that I have described quite a few Wings as generic, so let me explain what I mean like that. When I call a Wing generic, I mean that they are using either the original recipe for Buffalo Wings (which is simply Frank's Hot Sauce), or a slight variation of it. Don't get me wrong though: generic Wings are not bad. In fact, they are really good.

There was nothing wrong with the original recipe, I just think that it can be improved on. Just like there is nothing wrong with the original Wing dipping sauce (Blue Cheese), but it can still be improved on (Ranch). Take that Jason.

Remember, I am eating Wings for a month because I like the taste of Wings. This includes generic Wings.

Fat Matt's is located on Piedmont.


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Anonymous said...

Your comment about "take that Jason" made no sense. 1) Blue cheese is way better than ranch on wings (and ranch is pretty good) AND 2) ranch is not a modification of blue cheese, they are different entities. Good hot sauces are mondifications of hot sauces.