Thursday, January 3, 2008


I've wrote about Dugan's before. I have no doubt, they are some of the best Wings In Atlanta. Dugan's was recommended to me last January by Art Noll and I have been quite a few times since. Even when Dugan's Wings aren't up to their top quality, they are still delicious. I've never had a bad plate there.

I met Art and Jason (my official Wing man) at Dugan's for lunch this afternoon. We ordered 30 T.M.I. Wings (their hottest). They all had good size and I didn't happen to notice a straggler in the bunch. Plus they were very nicely fried; not too crispy, not too soft. And they had a nice amount of sauce on them. They weren't swimming, but by no means were they dry.

Take a look at these beautiful Wings:

As I told Art and Jason at lunch, my plan is to eat Wings at each restaurant only once for the month of January (if I can avoid it). I am glad that I went to Dugan's for some of the best Wings in Atlanta today with Jason and Art. Plus, we ordered 30 Wings but were given at least 33!

Wouldn't this picture make a great advertisement for Dugan's?




That would also make a great advertisment in the new magazine Sweater Vests Monthly.

Arthur said...

I did note one straggler out of the 33 - but I took one for the team and ate it. And it was still good!