Friday, January 11, 2008

Charlie G's 11th Street Pub--Wings With the Aqua Teens

I have an old friend named Jason who I have known since 3rd grade. He moved to Atlanta a few years back but we really haven't hung out much. I met him at his office yesterday afternoon for some Wings. Jason told me that we were gonna be going to Charlie G's which he heard had delicious Wings. Jason doesn't even really like Wings, but he wanted to eat them with me this January.

Jason works for an animation company called Radical Axis. They do some cartoons that you have probably seen including Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies. He showed me around the studio real quick and I was given a signed drawing of Meatwad that was used in an episode of Aqua Teen. Pretty cool.

Charlie G's is located on 11th and West Peachtree. They have about 10 different flavors of Wings and they all looked pretty good. I ended up ordering 10 Wings split between Jamaican Jerk and Honey BBQ. I really liked their Wings. Not the best in Atlanta or anything like they claim, but they were still good. They all were nicely sized and they were nice and tasty. I liked the Honey BBQ better because they had a lot of sauce on them, while the Jamaican Jerk Wings were dry. I got to try one of someone else's Ranch Wings and it was delicious. Before the meal, I was told that I had to get them and I wish that I had.

I would definitely go back there again. Next time, I'll have to go for dinner-- their beer list was nice.

Instead of taking a normal boneyard picture, Todd decided that we should decorate our boneyard. He poured Ranch on it, added some celery, and placed a straw with a lemon on it on the top (like a flag). Here is Todd (right) and TJ (left) with the boneyard monument:

Here is me with the monument and our waitress who was really nice:

I need to remember my camera so I don't have to keep using these phone pics.



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samia said...

haha thanks for coming in, guys! it was definitely a pleasure :)

-your charlie g's waitress, sam