Monday, January 21, 2008

Blind Pig Tavern

This was it. The moment I have been waiting for: Wings at the Blind Pig Tavern.

I had been anxiously awaiting this day for this entire month. Blind Pig is home to my favorite Wings. I fucking love them.

I ordered a dozen Hot Honey BBQ Wings which are the favorite all-time Wings of Ben Allen, B.A, Me, and many many other Wingeaters. On the suggestion of Drew Freedom, I ordered a side of Ninja sauce. Ninja is their hottest sauce. There have been several occasions where I have cried after eating them.

Everything about Blind Pig's Wings are awesome. As B.A. noticed: "even their celery looks like trees."

Blind Pig always gives the biggest Wings, cooks them perfectly, and slathers them with their delicious sauces.

In fact, the waitress hooked me up phatty style: she gave me 15 Wings instead of the usual 12. And to prove how much of an American I am, I was full after 8 Wings, but ate 7 more anyways (USA USA USA!).

If you live in Georgia and have not had Wings from The Blind Pig, I suggest you make a pilgrimage to Athens. You won't be sorry.

We took a bunch of pictures at the Blind Pig and I will post them as soon as Natalie Freedom sends them to me.


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