Sunday, January 20, 2008


As you all know, The Blind Pig Tavern in Athens is home to my favorite Wings in Georgia. Lately, I have heard people say that Amici in Athens has Wings that are even better than Blind Pig. Clearly, I had to check this out.

I met Kevin for dinner and we ordered 20 Wings, 10 of them XX Hot Honey and 10 of them XXX Hot Honey. The Wings there were pretty good, but I wouldn't even begin to compare them to the Blind Pig. I did not like the XX Hot Honey sauce at all and neither did Kevin. We ended up ordering a side of the XXX Hot Honey and pouring it over our XX Hot Honey Wings. Neither of the sauces were hot at all, but the XXX Hot Honey was pretty good. The bartender there explained to us that the taste of the sauces varies completely depending on which cooks are working.

The Wings were good there, but nowhere near Blind Pig. I would give them a try if I were you, but they have so many other good things on their menu that you may wanna look into something else.


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