Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Wings

Those of you who know me know that my favorite thing in the world is not Chicken Wings--- it is America. I love America.

But, I also love Wings and think American Wings is a perfect name for a Wing restaurant.

I went to American Wings last January during the Chicken Wing Project, but I did not give them the best review. When I went last year, it was right after a very, very, very long weekend of drinking that I miraculously survived (seriously). I felt "off" for several days after my trip to Tunica and my trip to Athens right after that. I felt that it was only fair to give American Wings another chance.

I went to the one on Old Alabama Road in Alpharetta with my Saucy Lady, the parents of my Wingman Jason Riddle, and several of their friends.

First off, I loved their menu. The cover has the Statue Of Liberty and an American flag. I want to tattoo those images onto my back. They have a ton of different food besides Chicken Wings and it all looked pretty good.

I ordered 10 "Flying" Wings which is their hottest kind. The Wings came with Jalapenos and after gaining approval from Mr. Riddle (or Daddy Dubbs as he prefers), I decided that it was cool to eat the Jalapenos with the Wings.

The Wings had a nice flavor to them. They were spicy, but it wasn't too hot to the point where I was crying or had a flaming mouth. They were cooked nicely too which made for a pleasant experience. They had good size to them and there were no stragglers in the bunch.

I liked the idea of having Jalapenos on top of my Wings. I have had sauces with smaller pieces of Jalapenos in them like Blind Pig's Hot Honey BBQ, however, I have never had Wings with big Jalapeno slices on them. I really did like that and I will do it again sometime in the future. I do have one suggestion to the Wing restaurants that do serve Wings with Jalapenos on them: I think that they would taste better with fresh Jalapenos, rather than the pickled ones that you would usually get on nachos. Fresh Jalapenos have a lot more flavor and lack the "pickled aftertaste."

This is why second chances are important. Give American Wings a try.


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