Saturday, January 12, 2008

285 Line

Yesterday, I got to eat lunch with Kevin. Kevin used to be my roomate and I hardly ever get to see him since he moved back to Athens, so I was excited about grabbin some Wings with him.

Kevin is a good friend. He ordered a Chicken Wings 08 hoodie from my store. He is probably a better friend to me than you are.

We decided to go to the 285 Line which is located near I-285 and Powers Ferry Road on New Northside Drive (just off exit 22 on 285). I think that I went there twice last January during the Chicken Wing Project. I haven't been there since I moved out of my apartment in April, so we figured that it would be nice to head back for old time's sake. Plus, a Chicken Wing fan recommended them to me last week, so that got me thinking about it.

We ordered the Hot-Honey BBQ Wings (their best--I've tried them all). They came with a side of their homemade Blue Cheese which was really good. They served me 10 Wings. A couple of them were kinda small, but there were no stragglers in the bunch. Their Wings were delicious. Nice and tender. The only downside was that the Hot Honey BBQ had no heat to it whatsoever. Thats ok though. They were still great.

If you are in the area, check out their Wings.


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