Wednesday, December 31, 2008


A lot of people have been asking me if I am going to be doing the Chicken Wing Project in 2009.

I am not.

I love Chicken Wings and I eat them all the time. I ate them Sunday, Monday, and today. I love them, but I don't want to eat only Chicken Wings for the entire month of January again. I especially dont want to write about them.

I know a lot of people want me to do this again, but I have decided on my own not to do it.

I am sorry to disappoint you.

Definitely not 2009, but maybe 2010...

Phred Barnet

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Me On The Radio

Wingman Jason Riddle recorded this back in January. Click this link and then click that you want to download it as a "free user." You will be able to download the file without paying anything or giving any personal information.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chicken Wings Again?

I know that I have not written here in quite a long time, but here I am now.

I have eaten many hundreds of Chicken Wings since the end of January when the Chicken Wing Project ended.

If John McCain wins the U.S. Presidential election, I will eat nothing but Chicken Wings from November 5th, 2008 until McCain is inaugurated as President on January 20th, 2009 with the exception of Thanksgiving week (November 24 through November 30th).

Why McCain? There are many reasons. I am not a Republican or a Conservative, but I do have my reasons for supporting McCain. I could get political here. But instead, how about you check out this video of McCain devouring Chicken Wings?

From the video, Senator McCain seems to prefer the Wing over the Drum, but of course I don't know for sure. What I do know is that if you are an American citizen and would like to see me eat Chicken Wings for 70 out of 76 days (and if you would also like to see a Wing-eater in the White house), you should vote for John McCain for president on or before November 4th!

Friday, February 22, 2008


My dad reminded me the other day that I hadn't yet updated this site in February. I apologize and I will try to give some updates.

I have eaten Wings several times this month: I had 22 Wings at Moe's and Joe's and have concluded that they are just "meh." I ate another 10 Wings with the "Aqua Teens" at a place called Burger Joe's. They were delicious and tender.

I plan on writing about my journey to a Sticky Fingers restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina and I have to tell you about a Wing related mystery that was solved while I was in Charleston.

I do have the audio from the first portion of my interview on the Giant Show and I will find a way to put it up for you.

Also, I just have to tell you about a group of amazing Win eaters--from the United Kingdom.

Please do check back. I'm pretty busy today but I will try to update again this afternoon with an article about one of the above topics.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Solution To The "Wing Hands" Problem

So, my month is over, but that doesn't mean that I am done writing about Wings. Keep checking back here for more Wing related articles and whatnot.

I received this comment from Paul Cassimuson my "Wet-naps" article:

"I've discovered that when eating wings, a beverage with a straw is a huge asset. That way, you don't even have to pick up your cup to drink, you just lean over and sip from the straw. You've posted pictures of people with "wing hands" gripping cups with the palms of their hands. I propose that we make drinking beer with a straw socially acceptable while eating wings to prevent the palm-cup-hold and make wing eating easier and more enjoyable."

I completely agree. Great call, Paul!

Wings, Squeak Style

Thursday night for dinner, a group of us went over to Squeak Alexander's house for some home cooked Wings. When I got there, he had the deep fryer set up on the stove which was the first time I had ever seen that. Squeak deep fried us up a bunch of Wings and we all brought over our favorite sauces for everyone to try. I brought over Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero and the "Carolina Buffalo Wing Sauce." Saucy Lady brought over a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's.

Squeak fried up some delicious Wings and he even breaded some of them before frying them. Those were especially good. Squeak followed all of the breading rules that I laid down in this post. I guess Kroger some chicken breading stuff that works a lot better than flour. I dunno... all I know is that it was really good.

Well, that was it. Nor more Wings in January. But don't worry, I have a feeling I will be eating hundreds more Wings this year!


Publix Wings Again

For lunch on Thursday, I went to Publix again. This time I did my Wings half Mo-Jo and half Mardi Gras. As always they were huge, delicious, and tender.


Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am writing about a topic that concerns me greatly. Wing eating is messy. Some Wingeaters are less messy than others, but eating Chicken Wings, especially swimming ones, is a messy game. I am a VERY messy eater. In fact, I have ruined two pairs of jeans this month due to my messy eating habits. Wing eating often results in "Wing hands," a situation where the hands are so covered in sauce that it becomes impossible to touch anything without messing up whatever you are touching.

I Some people clean their hands in between Wings. I do not. I think that this just wastes a lot of napkins. Plus, your hands are gonna be dirty again in a matter of seconds... Its like wiping before you poop.

And, even if you wait until you are done eating to clean up, you still can't get your hands completely clean with just napkins.

This is why Wing eating restaurants should be required to give out wet-naps with a Wing order. This should be a law.

Together we can get this law passed. But there is only one way to do this. On February 5th, be sure to vote for Chicken Wings in your state's primary or caucus.

We can win this!

Taco Mac

I went back to Taco Mac again. I had 10 T.M.I. Wings and they were great as usual. I just love that sauce. They have some of the best Wings in Atlanta and when I compile my list of Best Wing Places In Atlanta tomorrow, they will be on the list.



I swore that I wasn't gonna do it. I didn't wanna do it. But, the ads were so intriguing that I felt like it was worth a shot.

KFC has been advertising this new "sauceless Hot Wing" that the sell. The ads come on all the time and I was getting a little intrigued by the idea of a sauceless Hot Wing.

I do not like KFC. At all. But, I didn't think that the sauceless Hot Wings were that bad. They just weren't all that good. There was much more "fried" than Chicken and there wasn't a whole lot of flavor in most of the Wings, although a couple did have a small amount of spice.

I wouldn't recommend them, but if you crave Wings and don't have a lot of time, go for it.



Sorry I am so far behind.

I went back to Dugan's Tuesday night. I just had to eat these Wings again in January. I ordered 10 T.M.I. Wings and was pleasantly surprised. They were not swimming in sauce as they usually are, in fact, there was hardly any sauce on them at all. Instead, the Wings were somewhat dry and covered in spices that completely covered the Wings. They still smelled similar to how they usually smell, but they tasted so much better. These were the best Wings that I have ever had at Dugan's and I hope they always taste like that in the future.

Dugan's is one of the BEST Wing places in Atlanta. Enough said.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Livin' The Dream

This is the real reason why I wanted the pictures from Blind Pig:

If you can't tell what that is on my head, it is a Chicken Wing hat. The man to the left of me is named Tim and has been living the dream for the last 10 years. I struck up a conversation with Tim outside of the Blind Pig. I started telling him how good their Wings and sauces are and ended up finding out that Tim has worked at Blind Pig for about 10 years! That is so awesome. My only question is how he is still alive after eating their food for 10 years.

Tim bought that hat off E-Bay and was nice enough to give it to me. You are the man Tim!


Pictures From Blind Pig

I ate at the Blind Pig Tavern in Athens and wrote about their Wings like 10 days ago. Natalie Freedom took a bunch of pictures from that day and I finally got them, so here they are.

Doogie looks scary as hell:


Julia and I get down on some Wings:

Wing Curious?
B.A. and Andy like their Wings... Notice Jen NOT eating Wings:
Ben Allen loves Blind Pig Hot Honey BBQ Wings. He lives for them.

Wild Wing Reheats

This is what happens when you leave Chicken Wings in my fridge...

Saucy Lady left her leftover Wings from Wild Wing in my refrigerator the other night. They looked so tasty yesterday that I knew I had to eat them. I'm not sure what kind they were (they might have been Gold Rush), but they were pretty good-- as far as reheats go.


Righteous Room

I hit up the Righteous Room on Ponce again the other night. I have written about them twice before and including Monday night, I have had them 4 times. Of those 4 times, the Wings have been awesome twice and just OK twice. Monday night, they were just OK. There wasn't a lot of sauce on them and the flavor wasn't as great as it has been in the past, but all 10 of the Wings were very big. I wouldn't say that they were bad or anything, but I did not think they were as good as the last 2 times I ate them.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Project 9-6-1

I was on the Giant Show this morning on Project 9-6-1. I had a lot of fun being interviewed on the radio. They pretty much had me on there for the entire last hour of the show. Brian and Shaffee were really cool and funny (as usual).

Brian did give me quite a scare though. When I went into the radio booth with them before the interview, Brian was like "I don't know how familiar you are with the show, but I am going to do the interview with you as 'Banana Brian.'" For those of you who listen to the Giant Show, you know that being interviewed by "Banana Brian" means little more than being constantly made fun of in a way that is hilarious to everyone... except for the person being interviewed.

Actually, it was really fun and I didn't get made fun of at all. Jason, my Wing man said that he recorded at least the first part of the interview, so I'll put it up when I get that from him, but that may be after the end of the month.

They also hooked me up fatty style by giving me a gift certificate for 50 free Wings from Hooters.

Check out the Giant Show on 96.1 weekdays from 5-9 AM.

Brian and Shaffee--lets grab some Wings sometime!

Publix Wings

I did not feel like cooking those awful Wings from Kroger yesterday, so I went to Publix and bought 8 Wings. I went with 4 Mojo and 4 Orange Glazed. I really do like those Mojo Wings. They are so tender and packed with flavor. The Orange Glazed Wings weren't as good as they have been the last few times, but they were still pretty good.


Monday, January 28, 2008

I Will Be On Project 9-6-1 Tuesday Morning

I will be interviewed on "The Giant Show" tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 8 AM Eastern Time. Be sure and listen in. If you aren't gonna be near a radio, you can stream the show from

I hope they don't have "Banana Brian" interview me...

What Is A Straggler?

I thought that it was kind of clear, but a ton of people have asked me "what is a straggler?"

The term straggler was coined by B.A. and refers to a Wing that is super tiny. These are not Wings that are a little small; they are freakishly small. A Straggler can still be tasty, but of course, it would be much more tasty if it was bigger (thats what she said).

Here are some stragglers that I have encountered in the past:

The Local

I went back to The Local with my Saucy Lady last night. I just wanted them so bad. I got the Hot Wings again and she gave the Sun Dried Tomato Wings (their only other kind) a shot. As always the Wings from the local were awesome. Their method of smoking the Wings and then flash-frying them is the perfect way to prepare Wings. I still say they have the best Wings in Atlanta.


Landmark Diner

I went to the Landmark Diner on Roswell Road yesterday for lunch. I ordered a dozen Wings, but was only served 11. They were no good. Gross. So crunchy that Saucy Lady could hear them crunching from across the table. I didn't even finish them.

On an interesting note, it was the first time that I was served carrots this month. I didn't even eat them because even the carrots looked gross.

Don't eat the Wings there.


Wild Wing Cafe

Sorry for the long delay in updating, but I wanted to make sure that I had all the pictures from Saturday night before I posted.

On Saturday night, a bunch of us met up at Wild Wing in Alpharetta. I like Wild Wing but have only been there 3 or 4 times including Saturday. Its just so far away from anywhere where I spend my time.

When I went to Wild Wild last January, I noticed that all of the Wings were very small and decided that the next time that I went back, I would have to order a larger order.

I ended up ordering 16 Wings. I decided to do 8 of them Jalapeno Cheddar and half of them Atlanta Fireball.

I was not a big fan of the Atlanta Fireball Wings. There just wasn't a whole lot of flavor to them. Next time, I will try the Habanero Hots or the Braveheart Wings.

The Jalapeno Cheddar Wings, however, were excellent. I have never tried a Wing quite like this. It was a perfect blend of the Jalapenos and the Cheddar. Plus, it had a nice tangy taste and was cooked with the perfect amount of crispiness. I will definitely have to get more of these next time I go to Wild Wing. At some point, I told Jason Riddle (my Wingman) that the Jalapeno Cheddar Wings are "quite possibly perfect."

Atlanta Fireball on the left and Jalapeno Cheddar on the right:

Nick enjoys his Wing. Look at his Wing hands and how he avoids touching the cellphone.

Of the 11 of us who were there, 10 of us had Wings. Nicole did not. Look how ashamed she is. Reminds me of this pic from last year:
Jon Hopkins was served the biggest Wing I have ever seen. It is at big as his PDA:

I don't think anyone was ready for this picture.

Jason Riddle and Ben Allen enjoy some tasty Wings.


In your face, vegetarians:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wings Express

I hit up another one of those delivery places yesterday. I was hungry and had a menu from a place called Wings Express. Wings Express is one of those places that delivers just about everything. They not only have Wings, but also subs, salads, burgers, wraps, Chinese food, Greek food, and pizza.

I placed an order for 8 Buffalo-Insane Wings (their hottest). I would have preferred 10 or 12 Wings, but Wings Express is one of those places that gives you the option of ordering either 8 or 15 Wings. Luckily, they were all huge Wings though.

I really liked these. I was actually very impressed because most of the time, delivery Wings are not that good. These Wings, however, were cooked perfectly (a little bit crispy on the outside and nice and tender and juicy on the inside). Plus the sauce was really good too. It wasn't really hot at all, but it had a great flavor (Sirachi was definitely present). Even my Saucy Lady who hates hot sauces and can't handle them was liking this sauce.

You can order from Wings express through Or give them a call at (404) 688-7818.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Neighbor's Pub

For dinner last night, I went to Neighbor's Pub on North Highland Ave. I ordered an order of 10 Wings half of them XXX Hot and half of them Caribbean. The Caribbean sauce is a buffalo style sauce which according to their menu is "a tangy blend of orange and lemon juice, accented with garlic, onion and spice."

The Wings were cooked almost perfectly. They were nice and crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. I really liked the Caribbean sauce too. I recommend these Wings.


Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero

I fried up more Wings for lunch yesterday. I decided to use Sticky fingers Hot Habanero Sauce (my favorite sauce) on my Wings. I did this for several reasons:

1. I had no sauces in my refrigerator that I had not tried
2. Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero is my favorite sauce
3. My refrigerator is full of a bunch of different Wing and BBQ sauces and Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero was the bottle closest to being empty

As usual, the Wings turned out great. I love Sticky Fingers.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Nathan Scott Philips Wings

I went over to my friend Gneighthan's (Nathan's) house for dinner last night. He cooked a bunch of shit including steaks, mashed potatoes, corns, green beans, and some desserts. It all looked so good.

Lucky for me, Nate was thoughtful enough to pick up some Wings for my enjoyment. He went to Publix and grabbed some Mardi Gras Wings which I find to be delicious. Then, he made his own sauce which actually consisted of chipotle BBQ packets from McDonalds and some honey. Lets just call it a Chipotle Honey BBQ Sauce. Nate then poured the sauce on the Wings and put them on the grill to cook them. After that, he brought them inside, left them on the counter for a half an hour and then put them in the oven (I have no idea why).

The Wings (actually they were all Drums for some reason) were really good. I actually didn't even use one bit of Ranch or Blue Cheese. Of course, they were all big and tasty.

I had never thought about mixing Publix Wings with McDonalds BBQ Sauce and honey, but it worked out. I was full after like 8 or 9 Wings, but I kept eating them anyways because they were that good.


Carolina Buffalo Wing Sauce

My parents were in Asheville, North Carolina last week and while they were there they looked for that "mystery sauce" that I tried earlier this month. They couldn't find it, but they did find another Wing sauce. They brought me a bottle of sauce called Carolina Buffalo Wing Sauce.

It smelled like a combination of Frank's Hot Sauce and Sirachi. I like both of those. The sauce turned out to be really good. And really spicy. It had a hot, sweet, and peppery taste and went really well on my Wings. Unfortunately, I had to cook those Kroger Wings which I hate.

I will put a picture of the bottle up at some point.

You can get the sauce here.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Taco Stand

I went to the Taco Stand on Roswell Road last night for some Wings and trivia. I have written about them several times, but have not yet been there this January. As usual, I ordered my Wings Extra Hot and they brought me 12 HUGE Wings.

I really like their Wings. The sauce is kind of peppery and I would compare it somewhat to the TMI sauce that you can get at Dugan's, Taco Mac, or J.R. Cricket's. Although the sauce is not as good or as spicy as the sauces from those places, it still has a great taste to it. Me likey the Taco Stand.

Even though I was pretty full after 8 Wings, I still ate all 12. USA USA USA!


Wanna Hear Some Thing Crazy?

I love eating Chicken Wings.

At first, I was craving chili, then it was a burger, then it was pizza... now, I only crave one thing... Chicken Wings!

I am serious.

I crave them. I think about them all the time. I have gotten completely used to eating only Wings.

I now understand how dogs can eat the same food everyday. I have eaten some great Wings this month and I am still going strong.

Sure, every once in a while I want to eat a certain food, but it is no longer a craving, or even a serious urge. What a great month it has been so far--and I still have another week!

I love Chicken Wings!

World Wings

I went to the dentist yesterday and the receptionist actually saw me on the news several weeks ago. I thought that was pretty cool.

I was gonna cook Wings yesterday, but I had very little time between my dentist appointment and a meeting with my boss. As I was getting on the highway, I saw a restaurant called "World Wings." I figured that I might as well give them a try. It turned out to be one of those Chinese places that serves anything from Wings to burgers to Chinese food. In fact, their special was 12 Wings and fried rice. Sounds interesting.

I ordered 10 Hot Wings which cost less than $6 and took them home with me. I was a little disappointed when I opened the styrofoam box because most of the Wings were stragglers. They did kind of hook me up though--they gave me 11 Wings instead of 10. How wonderful.

The Wings from World Wings were actually REALLY good. The sauce was pretty hot, hotter than the average "Hot" Wings that are served at restaurants. It had a strong Sirachi taste to it, along with a peppery taste. The Wings were also cooked perfectly and were very tender.

Next time I go to the dentist, I may have to stop and grab some Wings afterwards... On second thought, I may go before I go to the dentist--after all, they are gonna floss for me!

World Wings is located on 3365 Steve Reynolds Blvd in Duluth.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hate Mail

I have been getting a lot of fan mail this month, which has been a little bit strange for me. I do appreciate it though and I try to answer every email. As strange as getting fan mail for eating Chicken Wings is, getting hate mail for eating Wings seems absolutely absurd.

I received this comment on my post entitled Smith's Olde Bar:

"Wings don't cost $10.95 anywhere worth eating in Buffalo. Hell i won't pay more then $.30 a wing at most places. Good luck but if you want it to count for anything real stop eating "honey mustard Buffalo wings" and travel to Buffalo where we call the just plain "wings" the have "franks red hot" sauce and if they come with ranch it's pretty much open game on kicking the waitress' ASS.... Have fun with your applebees wing dings..."

Let me break this message down.

"Wings don't cost $10.95 anywhere worth eating in Buffalo. Hell i won't pay more then $.30 a wing at most places."
My point was that for $10.95 for a dozen Wings, I would need to be in a place where Wings (and everything else) are expensive, like New York. I meant New York City, not Buffalo. This is why I said New York and not Buffalo. Also, much like Buffalo, Wings don't cost $10.95 at anywhere worth eating in Atlanta.

"Good luck but if you want it to count for anything real stop eating "honey mustard Buffalo wings" and travel to Buffalo where we call the just plain "wings" the have "franks red hot" sauce"
Yeh dude because I have eaten "honey mustard Buffalo Wings" so much this month. No, wait--I have only had Hot Honey Mustard Wings once in my life. The vast majority of the Wings I have eaten this month have been Extra Hot. Plus, maybe I should take his advice and travel to Buffalo just to freeze my ass off and eat Wings that taste the exact same as any Wings that I can find at just about any sports bar in the country.

"if they come with ranch it's pretty much open game on kicking the waitress' ASS"
I bet this happens a lot

"Have fun with your applebees wing dings"
I've never had Wings at Applebees, fignuts.

Heres what Sharon wrote on my Facebook about Wings in Buffalo: "wings in buffalo, very tasty...but not as good as the GOLD RUSH ones at Wild wings!"

I appreciate your hate mail, but in the words of Lil Wayne: "If you don't like my shit, then fuck you and your shit."

Now I'm off to Applebees for some Hot Honey Mustard Wings.

American Wings

Those of you who know me know that my favorite thing in the world is not Chicken Wings--- it is America. I love America.

But, I also love Wings and think American Wings is a perfect name for a Wing restaurant.

I went to American Wings last January during the Chicken Wing Project, but I did not give them the best review. When I went last year, it was right after a very, very, very long weekend of drinking that I miraculously survived (seriously). I felt "off" for several days after my trip to Tunica and my trip to Athens right after that. I felt that it was only fair to give American Wings another chance.

I went to the one on Old Alabama Road in Alpharetta with my Saucy Lady, the parents of my Wingman Jason Riddle, and several of their friends.

First off, I loved their menu. The cover has the Statue Of Liberty and an American flag. I want to tattoo those images onto my back. They have a ton of different food besides Chicken Wings and it all looked pretty good.

I ordered 10 "Flying" Wings which is their hottest kind. The Wings came with Jalapenos and after gaining approval from Mr. Riddle (or Daddy Dubbs as he prefers), I decided that it was cool to eat the Jalapenos with the Wings.

The Wings had a nice flavor to them. They were spicy, but it wasn't too hot to the point where I was crying or had a flaming mouth. They were cooked nicely too which made for a pleasant experience. They had good size to them and there were no stragglers in the bunch.

I liked the idea of having Jalapenos on top of my Wings. I have had sauces with smaller pieces of Jalapenos in them like Blind Pig's Hot Honey BBQ, however, I have never had Wings with big Jalapeno slices on them. I really did like that and I will do it again sometime in the future. I do have one suggestion to the Wing restaurants that do serve Wings with Jalapenos on them: I think that they would taste better with fresh Jalapenos, rather than the pickled ones that you would usually get on nachos. Fresh Jalapenos have a lot more flavor and lack the "pickled aftertaste."

This is why second chances are important. Give American Wings a try.


Ken's Steakhouse Lemon Pepper

I do not like Lemon Pepper style Chicken Wings. I have never had any that I have liked, and I've tried a bunch. As yall know, I prefer my Wings swimming in sauce, and lemon pepper Wings are dry.

I found a wet Lemon Pepper mix at Publix. I love Ken's Steakhouse Ranch and their Buffalo Sauce isn't bad.

I mixed up a batch of Lemon Pepper Wings and was not a fan. I liked them better than I like most Lemon Pepper Wings, but I still wouldn't say that I enjoyed them. I find this strange because lemon and pepper are two of my favorite flavors in food.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tavern At Phipps--Again

My parents were back in town last night and invited me to get some dinner with them. I had found a few nicer restaurants that serve Chicken Wings, but they wanted to go back to the Tavern At Phipps. That was cool with me because I found their Wings to be good last week.

I ordered the Bangkok Wings and was once again served 7 Wings, all of them Drums. One of my Drums was the single biggest Drum I have ever seen in my life.

They were good.


Pat's Ho-Made BBQ Sauce

So, I was walking around Publix last week and my eyes happened to spot this sauce:
Wow--how could I not buy that sauce.

I made myself up a batch of Wings yesterday with Pat's Ho-Made BBQ Sauce. They were pretty good. The sauce has a pretty common BBQ flavor, but it also has a strong smoky taste to it, with a peppery aftertaste. All in all, the sauce was pretty good and I would recommend buying a bottle--even if you don't like the taste, it make a great conversation piece.

Questions I have: Is Pat a hoe who makes sauce? Or is Pat a pimp who has his/her hoes make the sauce for her?



Sorry... I am still trying to catch up from this last weekend.

After the football games Sunday night, I went to Dugan's with my Saucy Lady, Brittany. I figured that it was OK to go back there since I had already broken my rule by visiting Taco Mac twice.

I got 10 TMI Wings and they were delicious. Not only that, but Dugan's actually brought me the Wings really quickly which is great because they are usually super slow.

Dugan's has some of the best Wings in Atlanta.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Grab Bag

I took the 4 Wings left over from Smith's Olde Bar and the 2 Wings that I had left over from Burger Joy and put them in the oven. Then I ate them.


Smith's Olde Bar

Patrick O'Berry recommended that I go to Smith's Olde Bar to try their Wings. I have been to Smith's a bunch of times, but I have never eaten there. I used to go for trivia which started at 9, so by then I had already eaten. Plus, its super expensive.

I ordered a dozen Hot Honey Mustard Wings which cost me a whopping $10.95!!! The funny thing is that the menu on their website has them listed for a much more moderate price of $6.95.

For Wings to be worth $10.95 a dozen, I either need to be in New York, or the Wings need to be the best Wings ever. Unfortunately, neither of these things were true Saturday night.

The Wings were pretty good. You couldn't taste any heat on the Hot Honey Mustard Wings (which were just a mix of their hot sauce and their honey mustard sauce), but the flavor from their buffalo sauce did make the Wings quite tasty. I definitely would eat them again-- if they were $3 or $4 less.


Blind Pig Tavern

This was it. The moment I have been waiting for: Wings at the Blind Pig Tavern.

I had been anxiously awaiting this day for this entire month. Blind Pig is home to my favorite Wings. I fucking love them.

I ordered a dozen Hot Honey BBQ Wings which are the favorite all-time Wings of Ben Allen, B.A, Me, and many many other Wingeaters. On the suggestion of Drew Freedom, I ordered a side of Ninja sauce. Ninja is their hottest sauce. There have been several occasions where I have cried after eating them.

Everything about Blind Pig's Wings are awesome. As B.A. noticed: "even their celery looks like trees."

Blind Pig always gives the biggest Wings, cooks them perfectly, and slathers them with their delicious sauces.

In fact, the waitress hooked me up phatty style: she gave me 15 Wings instead of the usual 12. And to prove how much of an American I am, I was full after 8 Wings, but ate 7 more anyways (USA USA USA!).

If you live in Georgia and have not had Wings from The Blind Pig, I suggest you make a pilgrimage to Athens. You won't be sorry.

We took a bunch of pictures at the Blind Pig and I will post them as soon as Natalie Freedom sends them to me.


Sunday, January 20, 2008


As you all know, The Blind Pig Tavern in Athens is home to my favorite Wings in Georgia. Lately, I have heard people say that Amici in Athens has Wings that are even better than Blind Pig. Clearly, I had to check this out.

I met Kevin for dinner and we ordered 20 Wings, 10 of them XX Hot Honey and 10 of them XXX Hot Honey. The Wings there were pretty good, but I wouldn't even begin to compare them to the Blind Pig. I did not like the XX Hot Honey sauce at all and neither did Kevin. We ended up ordering a side of the XXX Hot Honey and pouring it over our XX Hot Honey Wings. Neither of the sauces were hot at all, but the XXX Hot Honey was pretty good. The bartender there explained to us that the taste of the sauces varies completely depending on which cooks are working.

The Wings were good there, but nowhere near Blind Pig. I would give them a try if I were you, but they have so many other good things on their menu that you may wanna look into something else.


A Pledge Of Freedom

A friend of mine named Drew Freedom has done something great. He has decided to heed my call and pledge several days of Wing eating.

Congratulations to Drew who made it 4 days eating only Chicken Wings!

Also, Drew's real last name is French, but I like the sound of Freedom better.

It Is Important To Have Faith

I went to Athens Friday night to celebrate my friend Dan's birthday. It was also a nice excuse to get some great Wings. While walking to a Wing establishment Friday night, I heard a loud voice shriek "Phred." It scared the hell out of me and I thought it was my mom or something. Instead, it was Faith Berrier.

She was surprised and disappointed to see me in Athens. It turned out that she was planning on bringing me back a dozen Wings from Blind Pig (my favorite Wings). She is much nicer than Ben Allen. She seemed really bummed about seeing me in Athens because it meant that she couldn't surprise me. When I told her that it was the thought that counted, she replied "well, now my thought is ruined!" This would have been a great surprise and I do feel bad for spoiling it.

Faith is a great thing.

Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Chipotle BBQ

Amazingly enough, as of Friday I still hadn't eaten Wings with my roommate Tyler. So, on Friday morning, I decided to cook us an early lunch of Chicken Wings. I went to Publix and bought several sauces that I haven't tried before.

Tyler decided that we should try the Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce. This was some of the thickest BBQ sauce that I have ever tried. It was so thick that I had trouble getting it to coat the Wings. Once I finally got the Wings properly coated, they were delicious. Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce has great flavor to it, a nice mix between sweet and spicy.

You should try this.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Fat Matt's Chicken Shack

A while back, Art sent me a list of the top rated Wing restaurants in Atlanta. The only one that I had ever even heard of was Fat Matt's Chicken Shack. I have been by it a bunch of times and have wanted to try it for a while. I ordered 10 Hot Wings from there, and was literally salivating at the other food that they had. Amazingly enough, the food that I craved the most was fried chicken. I know...

So, here's the deal with these Wings. Simply put, they were generic. Nothing special here at all.

I know that I have described quite a few Wings as generic, so let me explain what I mean like that. When I call a Wing generic, I mean that they are using either the original recipe for Buffalo Wings (which is simply Frank's Hot Sauce), or a slight variation of it. Don't get me wrong though: generic Wings are not bad. In fact, they are really good.

There was nothing wrong with the original recipe, I just think that it can be improved on. Just like there is nothing wrong with the original Wing dipping sauce (Blue Cheese), but it can still be improved on (Ranch). Take that Jason.

Remember, I am eating Wings for a month because I like the taste of Wings. This includes generic Wings.

Fat Matt's is located on Piedmont.


Tavern At Phipps

My mom was in town briefly and I got to meet her for lunch which was nice because I don't get to see her much. She wanted to go out for a nice lunch, but isn't a really big fan of Chicken Wings. This posed a problem because for some reason, most of the nicer restaurants don't serve Chicken Wings... Those bastards.

I recommended that we go to The Tavern At Phipps which is located at Phipps Plaza Mall (for those of you with no common sense). I have eaten there several times and have always enjoyed my meals.

I ordered the Bangkok Wings which was their only flavor. To be honest, I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of them. I turned out to be wrong, because they were excellent. They served me 7 Wings which is by far the strangest number of Wings that I have ever been served at a restaurant. Another strange thing was that they were all Drums. This is the first time that I have been served all Drums when I didn't order them that way.

All of the Wings were big. I'm talking HUGE. They were also really tender, and the meat pretty much fell off the bone.

The Wings were cooked in a strange sauce which was very peanutty and kind of had a hint of a plum taste to them. They were really good.

My only complaint was that they were kind of burned, but it wasn't that big of a deal. They still tasted excellent. If you happen to find yourself at The Tavern At Phipps, check out their Wings. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks for lunch mom--- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Burger Joy

I ate dinner really early yesterday and I was getting pretty hungry around 9 so I decided to order some Wings from one of the restaurants that drops off those menus at my house every day. I settled on a restaurant named Burger Joy which despite its name specializes in Chinese food and Wings. Go figure.

I ordered the Sweet Thai Chili Wings because I was in the mood for something other than Extra Hot or BBQ. The Wings that arrived were all nicely sized, however, they were way, way, way too crispy. The sauce on the Wings tasted almost exactly like the Wings at The Vortex. Ironically, the Wings at The Vortex were way, way, way too soft. Go figure.

I'd probably order from there again, but only in a pinch, and then I'd probably just get the Hot Wings.



Sorry that I have been falling a little behind in my writing. I have spent the last few days in an all day class for work out in Kennesaw. I made several posts from my phone to try to keep up, but I am done with the classes now, so I should be able to stay current.

That being said, yesterday, I was sitting in class all day long and I was hungry. It was about 1 P.M. and I hadn't eaten all day and I started fantasizing about food. Was I thinking about a burger? A steak? Some pizza? NO! I was thinking about Wings from King of Wings. Seriously.

Anyways... I met up with a former boss from an old job yesterday early in the afternoon. I hadn't seen Jeff since July and wanted to catch up with him. Since I don't know Kennesaw very well, I let Jeff pick us a restaurant. He ended up choosing Sidelines on Chastain and George Busby (near I-75).

We ordered 20 Extra Hot Wings for the two of us. The Wings were ready really quickly (of course, it was before 4pm and we were the only people in the restaurant) and they looked really good.

Although I did get one straggler, the rest of them were very big. The sauce was not spicy at all, but it was pretty good and had a BBQ like taste to it. Also, the Wings were pretty dry and slightly over cooked, yet they still tasted all right.

One cool thing about Sidelines is that each table has its own TV and you can change the channel on it so that you don't get stuck watching CNN or golf. Overall, I'd rank them as OK. They might be better if I had gone at a traditional lunch or dinner hour. I would give them another chance.


Sticky Fingers Wings

My good friends at Sticky Fingers sent me a very nice care package last week. I had received an email from them telling me that they wanted my address so that they could send me some Wings and sauce. I replied to the email and sent them my address, hoping for maybe a bottle of sauce and a dozen Wings. Two days later, I was surprised to find a package from Sticky Fingers containing 50 precooked Wings and 4 bottles of Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero Sauce which is my favorite sauce of all time.

The Wings are hickory smoked and slathered in sauce, as you can see:

For those of you who read this blog a lot, you probably remember that two of my all time faovrite Wings are smoked. I am not usually a big fan of smoked meats, but I think smoking Chicken Wings keeps the Wings tender and locks in a lot of flavor. Those of you who read this blog regularly also know that Sticky Fingers is by far my favorite sauce. I love the flavor and thickness of the sauce. Despite the habanero in its name, the sauce isn't really all that hot. Simply put, it is delicious. I know that Brad Binion won't buy any other sauces for his Wings since he first tried Sticky Fingers.

I invited Jason Riddle (my Wingman), Brittany Lovell (my saucy lady), Art Noll, and Brett Barrett over to share the Wings with me. We followed the instructions that Sticky Fingers sent which called for cooking the Wings for 30 minutes in the over, covering them in sauce, and then cooking them for another 10 minutes. The guys all used Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero sauce on our Wings, while Brittany used Sticky Fingers Tennessee Whiskey (she can't handle any heat).

First off, let me say that these Wings were absolutely huge. There were several Wingzillas in the bunch and I didn't notice anything close to a straggler. Also, they were sooooo tender. I could not stop the meat from falling off the bone. It was one of the most amazingly beautiful things that I've ever seen, and I've looked into a mirror before.

The Wings were great, and I'm not just saying that because they sent them to me. They truly were great.

I am going to be in Charleston, South Carolina next month and I will definitely be stopping in to the Sticky Fingers restaurant there.

You can order Sticky Fingers Wings here. They will even tell you where in your state you can find their sauces and/or a Sticky Fingers restaurant.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Breaded Wings

As all of you Wing fans have noticed, some establishments serve their Wings breaded, while others do not. In my opinion, breading a Wing can often add a nice flavor to a Wing. However, breading usually fails to do this.

Too often, restaurants will add a thick coat of breading to a Wing and then coat the Wing in the same sauce tha they would use on a normal Wing. This accomplishes little. A thick breading will usually separate the taste of the Wing frm the taste of the sauce, without adding any new taste to the Wing. The result is actually an inferior Wing, rather than a superior one.

Restaurants should NOT add breading to a Wing unless their breading meets these two standards:

1. The breading is thin. It should be this so that it doesn't take over the Wing. If I wanted to taste fried bread, I would fry some bread, not some Wings.
2. The breading adds something to the Wing. You need to make sure that your breading is nicely seasoned and not too strong of a taste. Remember, the goal of breading is to enhance the taste of the Wing, not take over the taste of it.

If your restaurant can't follow these simple instructions, don't bread your Wings.

Trust me, I know Wings.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wing Eater Of The Week: Ben Allen

This weeks Wing eater is Ben Allen. Ben Allen loves Wings so much that he actually hates those who prefer the Drum over the Wing. He almost takes it personally. If you tell him that you prefer the Drum to the Wing, he gets a shocked look on his face like if you were to tell a child that there is no such thing as Santa Claus (by the way there isn't).

I think that if there were restaurants that served only the Wing or only the Drum, Ben would likely suicide bomb a Drum restaurant. Good thing there are no such restaurants. Ben pretty much confirmed this in the interview that I did with him. When I asked him which person of all times he would like to eat Wings with, he picked a certain Scottish terrorist leader.

Maybe his passion (extremism) about the Wing is what makes him such a fun person to eat Wings with.


Wing or the Drum: "Ummm. The wing. Anybody who answers drum to this question should have their voting privileges revoked for the upcoming election. He/she is obviously incapable of rational thought." (This is funny because Ben Allen never votes. Maybe the Drum eaters revoked his voting privileges...)
Ranch or Blue Cheese: "90% of the time I'll go with ranch. However if I'm in the right mood, and a wing joint makes homemade blue cheese I'll give it a shot." (That is my exact opinion too)
Favorite Wings In Atlanta: "My favorite wings in the A are Wild Wing's Wild West. These are not spicy wings, and I love my wings with some heat. But the Wild West wings are quite simply the tastiest wing formula you can get get in Atlanta."
Favorite Wings In The World: "Only surpassed by the Hot Honey BBQ wings at the Blind Pig Tavern in Athens. Armistead refers to these wings as crack for a reason."
If Ben Could Eat Wings With Anyone Alive: "If I could eat wings with any person alive? It would have to be Adriana Lima because I would then turn her into MY saucy lady."
If Ben Could Eat Wings With Anyone From All Time: "If I could eat wings with anyone that has ever existed? I would have to go with William Wallace, one of the baddest Mofos to ever walk the Earth. Even though he would probably eat his wings raw and just swallow the whole thing in one bite."

Taco Mac... again

So, I originally had a plan to visit each Wing place only once. I wanted to get a nice sample of Atlanta area Wings without favoring any place in particular. I had been following my plan perfectly, not even using the same Wing sauce at home more than once... until last night.

My friend, Patrick O'Berry's birthday was last night. People were meeting up at Taco Mac to celebrate and I didn't want to be a party pooper. So, I went to Taco Mac and ordered 10 T.M.I. Wings swimming in sauce.

Taco Mac has some of the best Wings in Atlanta for sure. They are the only Wings that I have eaten where I have observed that the Drums are always more tender than the Wings. No small feat.

Getting your Wings swimming in sauce can be a great thing, but be careful. Tragedy struck me when I went to grab a Wing that was totally doused in sauce and it was so slippery that it popped out of my hand and landed on the ground! Nooooooooooooo!

The Wings were great though. I loves me some Taco Mac.


Stubb's Moppin" Sauce Bar-B-Q Baste

I decided to try the Stubb's Moppin Sauce. If you are a loyal reader, you remember that I have never tried this sauce, but sent a bottle of it to Iraq anyways. I figured that it would be good because I liked the color of it. It kind of looks a peppery Thousand Island dressing.

I was a little bit worried about the sauce because I have tried a different kind of Stubb's sauce and was less than impressed.

Before cooking my Wings, I tried a taste of the sauce on my finger. This was not going to be good. I did not liek the sauce at all.

But something funny happened when I mixed the Wings with the Stubb's sauce: my Wings turned out great. The sauce was nice and peppery, not spicy at all with a tangy taste.

Try this shit!


A Sad Story

Right now, I am sitting in a training class for work, on my lunch break. It is bad enough that I have to sit through 8 hours of boring class, but I have to do it without Wings. I was planning on meetin a friend for lunch in Kennesaw, but my company had food catered in and we can't leave for lunch due to time constraints. They ordered in a bunch of good looking food and I want some.

Man those wraps look good. Even the veggies look good (never thought I'd say that). I even want some Chee-tos and I don't like Chee-tos.

I will update theblog this evening with yesterdays Wings when I get to my computer.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Planet Bombay

Much like Gob Bluth, I've made a huge mistake.

Last night, I went to Planet Bombay near Five Points with Brittany. I had been there before and happened to notice Tandoori Wings on the menu. Brittany wanted Indian food last night and I figured that sitting in an Indian restaurant and only eating Wings wouldn't drive me insane. The food in there smelled so good. I just wanted to eat some of the Indian food sooooo bad. Instead, I felt like a major asshole ordering only Wings at an Indian restaurant.

The Tandoori Wings were good... at first. But, the Wings just didn't have much flavor to them which is surprising considering that Indian food usually has a ton of flavor. In the end, I was very unimpressed with them. Plus at $5.99 for 6 of them, they were the most expensive Wings that I have ever eaten.

I love Indian food, but I will probably never eat Wings at an Indian place again.

That place smelled so good though... I am now craving Indian food.


Win Wing's & Sub........

For lunch yesterday, I went to a place named "Win Wing's & Sub World Famous Steak Cheese & Cheese Burger Chinese Food." I am not kidding. That was the name of the restaurant.

I was out in Midtown and I didn't feel like repeating a restaurant or heading up to KFC. Plus, I was very hungry and willing to give a place with such an interesting name a try.

My Wings were small and did not have much sauce on them. However, they did taste much better than I thought they would. Still, this only made them ok. I wouldn't recommend going there though, unless there are NO other options available for you.

Win Wing's & Sub World Famous Steak Cheese & Cheese Burger Chinese Food is located on North Ave if you are into that kind of thing... I am not.


J.R. Crickets

I received a ton of emails from people who read this blog telling me that I needed to try J.R. Crickets. I was told over and over that they have the best Wings in Atlanta. Naturally, I just had to try them.

I went to the J.R. Crickets on Spring Street, right across from The Varsity. I was told that they had small Wings, so instead of ordering 10, I went ahead and ordered 15. I was full after 11, but I kept eating anyways. After all, I am an American and that is what we do.

I ordered the T.M.I. sauce which is their hottest. I have been in a mood for really spicy Wings all week. Jason Riddle, my Wing Man, ordered the T.M.I. sauce also and described it as "quite possibly perfect." I wouldn't go that far, but they were damn good.

The Wings were all nicely cooked. Not too crispy, but not too soft at all. They were coated in a good bit of sauce and while they were on the small side, I wouldn't call them stragglers.

I really enjoyed my Wings. In my opinion, they aren't the best Wings in Atlanta, but they are on the top tier. I will definitely be back. If you haven't been yet, you should give them a try.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Buffalo's Cafe

I went to Buffalo's Cafe yesterday for lunch with Brittany (my Saucy Lady) and her parents. I have been to Buffalo's quite a few times, but I have never had their Wings. I really like their other food a lot, so I was eager to try their Wings. I ordered 10 Scorching Wings. They were between Hot and Death Valley in terms of their heat.

The Wings were decent. Definitely nothing special here. They were on the small side and the meat was kind of tough, but I would eat them again. The sauce was Ok. Not great, not bad, not really all that hot. Buffalo's has cheap deals on Wings during the week and they used to have an all you can eat night a few times a month (not sure if they still do).


Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Local

I went to The Local for Wings again last night. This is my 3rd time going there and I knew that I had to eat them this month. If you remember the review that I gave them last month, I called them the "Best Wings In Atlanta."

I am gonna go ahead and stick by that.

I have really enjoyed the Wings every time that I have been to The Local. Last night, they were the best Wings that I have had there. They solved the complaint that I previously had about the lack of spice in their "Hot" Wings. Last night, the Wings definitely had some heat to them, although they were not too hot for the average Wing-eater.

I was served 8 Wings and 2 Drums. Nothing close to a straggler was among them. Nothing besides delicious was tasted. The Wings at The Local are some of the most tender Wings I have ever tried. They were so juicy, the spice was great, and all the Wings were huge.

This may have been the perfect plate of Wings.

I have seriously spent over 3 hours trying to rotate this video so that I could put it up. For some reason, the video recorded at a 90 degree angle and there is no easy way to flip a video. I downloaded 7 different programs to try to flip it and only one worked. There is a watermark on the video, but I don't care. Its the best I could do.

Look at how easy the meat comes off the bone. (Thats what she said):

This is what a boneyard should look like. Notice how clean all the bones are:



I have got a ton of emails about J.R. Cricket's on Spring Street, across from the Varsity. Apparently they ahve the best Wings in Atlanta, although I've never been. I'll be up there tonight at 7:37 eating Chicken Wings. Join me.

Fixed The Official Song

I got some complaints that the link to the official song took you to some weird shit instead. Heres a link to to a different site that has no shadiness. The links on the side of the page have been updated too. Just click the free user icon when it asks you free user or premium user. I use this site all the time so I know it is cool.

285 Line

Yesterday, I got to eat lunch with Kevin. Kevin used to be my roomate and I hardly ever get to see him since he moved back to Athens, so I was excited about grabbin some Wings with him.

Kevin is a good friend. He ordered a Chicken Wings 08 hoodie from my store. He is probably a better friend to me than you are.

We decided to go to the 285 Line which is located near I-285 and Powers Ferry Road on New Northside Drive (just off exit 22 on 285). I think that I went there twice last January during the Chicken Wing Project. I haven't been there since I moved out of my apartment in April, so we figured that it would be nice to head back for old time's sake. Plus, a Chicken Wing fan recommended them to me last week, so that got me thinking about it.

We ordered the Hot-Honey BBQ Wings (their best--I've tried them all). They came with a side of their homemade Blue Cheese which was really good. They served me 10 Wings. A couple of them were kinda small, but there were no stragglers in the bunch. Their Wings were delicious. Nice and tender. The only downside was that the Hot Honey BBQ had no heat to it whatsoever. Thats ok though. They were still great.

If you are in the area, check out their Wings.


Friday, January 11, 2008


I had trouble getting Wings last night. First, I ordered Wings from a restaurant called Best Wings that had given me a flier. It turned out that the restaurant was on the other side of town and was not affiliated with the restaurant of the same name two miles from me. So, I got online and tried to find the number for the Best Wings near me.

This is when the internet went out. I love Comcast, but not really.

I was unable to get a number from best Wings from my phone, but was able to find the number for a place called Wingnuts which was about 3 minutes from where I was.

I was in the mood for somethin' spicy, so I ordered the Buffalo Insane Wings which are their hottest. I had tried Wingnuts years earlier when I was still living in Athens and was unimpressed. I was not expecting anything special--or even anything good.

The problem was that their Wings is that instead of the standard of 10 or 12 Wings that most restaurants have, Wingnuts allows you to order 8 or 15. It was a gamble, but I ordered 8 Wings hoping that they were not stragglers.

So, the fact that in the past they weren't good combined with the fat that I was only getting 8 was leading me to realize that I was probably setting myself up for a disappointing meal.

Then, I got to the restaurant.

Right there on the door, they had a big sign which proudly proclaimed themselves to be the "Home of the Boneless Wing." I won't go all the way into my opinions on boneless Wings right here. I wrote about it last year and you can find it here.

As I said, I have had their Wings before and didn't enjoy them. This time, however, I found their Wings to be really good. They were covered in a sauce that had a lot of crushed red peppers in it, they were all cooked nicely, and there wasn't anything even resembling a straggler in the whole bunch. The meat was so juicy.

I was really impressed. This shows the importance of second chances. You should
give them a try.


I Don't Think My Mom Understands Satire

I got this email from my mom referring to yesterday's post:

"While always entertaining, your blog today made no sense. One cannot vote for a chicken wing as a candidate.
You are overdosing and it is destroying precious brain cells."

Charlie G's 11th Street Pub--Wings With the Aqua Teens

I have an old friend named Jason who I have known since 3rd grade. He moved to Atlanta a few years back but we really haven't hung out much. I met him at his office yesterday afternoon for some Wings. Jason told me that we were gonna be going to Charlie G's which he heard had delicious Wings. Jason doesn't even really like Wings, but he wanted to eat them with me this January.

Jason works for an animation company called Radical Axis. They do some cartoons that you have probably seen including Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies. He showed me around the studio real quick and I was given a signed drawing of Meatwad that was used in an episode of Aqua Teen. Pretty cool.

Charlie G's is located on 11th and West Peachtree. They have about 10 different flavors of Wings and they all looked pretty good. I ended up ordering 10 Wings split between Jamaican Jerk and Honey BBQ. I really liked their Wings. Not the best in Atlanta or anything like they claim, but they were still good. They all were nicely sized and they were nice and tasty. I liked the Honey BBQ better because they had a lot of sauce on them, while the Jamaican Jerk Wings were dry. I got to try one of someone else's Ranch Wings and it was delicious. Before the meal, I was told that I had to get them and I wish that I had.

I would definitely go back there again. Next time, I'll have to go for dinner-- their beer list was nice.

Instead of taking a normal boneyard picture, Todd decided that we should decorate our boneyard. He poured Ranch on it, added some celery, and placed a straw with a lemon on it on the top (like a flag). Here is Todd (right) and TJ (left) with the boneyard monument:

Here is me with the monument and our waitress who was really nice:

I need to remember my camera so I don't have to keep using these phone pics.



Thursday, January 10, 2008

Election Time: Vote Chicken Wings In 08!

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few months, you are probably aware that there is a presidential election this year. We are already in primary season and in about a month, both parties will have picked their candidates for the general election in November.

In one year from now, a new leader will become President of this great country. We need a leader who is well respected and loved throughout this nation and the world. We need a leader who can appeal to Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents alike.

In the upcoming election, I am endorsing such a candidate. In 2008, we as a nation must choose Chicken Wings.

Unless you live in Iowa, Wyoming, or New Hampshire, you still have a chance to vote in an upcoming primary or caucus. To the best of my knowledge, Chicken Wings is not currently on the ballot in any state. However, this does not mean that you cannot "write in" Chicken Wings when you head to the polls.

We must have the courage to select a candidate like Chicken Wings who has broad appeal to all different groups of Americans.

For the good of this nation and the world, please write in Chicken Wings when you vote in your state's primary or caucus.

...Its less crazy than voting for Ron Paul.

Official Song Of The Chicken Wing Project

As you can see above, my friend Mike wrote a song for the Chicken Wing Project called Chicken Wings 08 and I think its really cool. You can find it above or at his MySpace page here.


Righteous Room

Last night, I went back to the Righteous Room on Ponce. I wrote about them last month in this post.

I had an order of Wings which at Righteous Room is "one pound" of Wings, although I have never been served any more or less than 10 and I'm pretty sure they don't have a scale in the kitchen. The Wings last night were delicious. They were nice and saucy, not swimming in sauce like I prefer, but they were coated in plenty of sauce. I never had a dry bite. They also fry them up nicely so that you get a good Wing that is somewhat crispy and somewhat soft.

Also, they were all properly sized and I didn't have a single straggler in the bunch. Their Wings are winners.


Goat Wings

Sorry I am so late in updating today. I had computer and internet trouble this morning.

Yesterday, I fried up 8 Wings in my little fryer and coated them with my dad's homemade sauce. My dad has been making his own BBQ sauce for years and I have always found it quite tasty. His sauce is pretty spicy and has quite the peppery taste to it.

He makes it for ribs, so it is not a typical Chicken Wing sauce at all, but it went surprisingly well with the Wings that I prepared. I'm not just saying that it was good because he's my dad. I'm saying that it was good because if I don't, he will hurt me. He is always hitting me.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Frankie's--An Old Favorite

I used to go to Frankie's (285 and Roswell Road) every Tuesday night for trivia, but recently I switched spots. I love Frankie's Wings. They are not the best in Atlanta by any means, but they are consistently tasty. They always have good size to them, they are always smothered in a little extra sauce, and they are just about always cooked very nicely. I ordered a dozen Wings, half of them Hot and half of them Carolina BBQ. As usual, they were damn good.

I have missed Frankie's Wings since I stopped going there as much and I need to start hitting it up again.

On another note, I was asked by my waiter (who I have never seen before in my life) if I was the guy who eats only Chicken Wings. Its kind of cool to be recognized, but he didn't seem to have been to my site and when I asked him how he knew about the Chicken Wing Project he just told me that he "had heard about it from people." Kinda weird...

Frankie's is part of the Jock's and Jill's chain in Atlanta, so I'm assuming the Wings there are just as good.


Mystery Sauce

I was in Asheville, North Carolina a few months back and I stopped into a farmers market. While I was in there, I bought a bottle of sauce especially for hot Wings. The bottle came with a box glued around it that had a picture of a cowboy on it. On the top, there was a plastic cowboy hat. Sometime ago, I removed the box from the sauce and there is no label on the bottle itself.

Therefore, I don't know the name of the sauce that I put on my Wings for lunch yesterday.

And that is a shame.

The sauce had a name like "Ass Flamin," "Ass Burnin," or something similar. I really wish I knew the name of it. It was really good. The sauce was a spicy buffalo style sauce. It was fairly peppery and was pretty spicy. The spice didn't kick in right away, but by the end of my Wing eating, my mouth was on fire. This made for some really good Wings. I still have some of the sauce in my fridge and I will definitely use it again. If I ever see this sauce again, I will have to buy another bottle.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wing Eater Of The Week: B.A.

I am going to start doing a new feature on my site each week where I will feature a favorite Wing eater of mine. I plan on calling it: Wing Eater (let me finish) of the Week.

B.A. is one of my favorite Wing eaters. If there was a fantasy Wing eating team like fantasy football or baseball teams, I would draft B.A. second (after myself of course). Ben eats Wings faster than anyone I have ever eaten with. He is usually done with his Wings before I dip my first one into the Ranch!

Here is a video of Ben eating Wings. He has slowed himself down so that we can see it, but enjoy. Ignore the background music.

You can also find the video here.
B.A's stats:

Wing or Drum: A nice mixture of both
Ranch or Blue Cheese: Ranch
If Ben could eat Wings with any living person it would be: Conan O'Brien
If Ben could eat Wings with any person from history it would be: Genghis Khan
Favorite Wing place in Atlanta: Wild Wing Cafe
Favorite Wing in Atlanta: Ranchilada from Wild Wing Cafe
Favorite Wing place in the world: Blind Pig Tavern in Athens, GA
Favorite Wing in the world: Hot-Honey BBQ from Blind Pig


Before the game last night, I went to Gevito's on Ponce and Barnett (I don't know why they spelled Barnet with an extra t, but whatever). Gevito's is a pizza place that also serves Wings and I have driven by it a bunch of times. I found a menu online and was amazed by how cheap their Wings are. You can get 10 Wings for only $5.49 and 15 for only $7.49, so you would think thats a good deal.

But..... Take a look at these Wings next to a Chapstick:

Unfortunately, they were all about that size. This brought back awful memories of Harry's Wings and Subs who's Wings were compared in size to AAA batteries.

However, These Wigns were not bad at all. I ordered the standard Hot Wings and was amazed by their taste considering the size of them. These were some of the smallest Wings I have ever eaten, but they were definitely the smallest Wings that I enjoyed.

The meat was real tender and was pretty good. Actually, it pretty much fell off the bone. The sauce was pretty good too, a standard Buffalo sauce with a peppery taste to it (not too hot).

If you decide to get Wings from Gevito's, you probably want to go ahead and order at least 15 of them.


Pictures From Wing Ranch

Notice all of the extra sauce:

Ben Allen has what we in the business refer to as "Wing hands"
Squeak loves the Wings
My "Saucy Lady" Brittany shows off her Chicken Wings hat. Have you bought yours yet?

Budweiser Wing Sauce

Yesterday before lunch, I went to Publix and picked up some "Wingettes" because I was sick of the Kroger Wings. I used my fryer and cooked up 8 Wings. This time, I decided to add Budweiser Wing Sauce which I first tried about a year ago. I have only had the Budweiser Wing Sauce a few times since then, but I really do like it. It has a nice and tangy taste and a little bit of spice to it, but nothing too strong. Try it.


Monday, January 7, 2008

Wing Ranch

I went to Wing Ranch on Johnson Ferry Road last night with a few friends. I first tried Wing Ranch last year during the Chicken Wing Project with Jason, my official Wingman. I have been back quite a few times since then and have never had a bad meal.

Wing Ranch has a lot of good flavored sauces. Last night, I went with a mix of the Hot and the Honey BBQ--- I creatively call this mix Hot Honey BBQ. I ordered all Drums. The sauce was great and had quite a bit of spice to it, but not too much to where is was overpowering. My Wings came swimming in the sauce which was a nice little bonus because thats how I prefer them anyways. Man, that sauce was tasty.

I ended up regretting getting only Drums. As good as it was, I wish that I had a nice mix to eat. Oh well, I'll just have to go back sometime.

I took some picutres, but I can't find my camera again (notice a pattern?). I'll update edit this post and add the pictures when I find it. So check back.