Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wing Sauce For Soldiers

After plenty of lengthy delays, I was finally able to ship off all of that Wing sauce to Iraq. I had been waiting on my T-shirt designs and for Cafepress to ship me the shirts that I ordered so that I could send a shirt over to Phil in Iraq. In the end I received $120 for Wing Sauce! I spent all of that plus a couple of dollars on the sauce and I was able to buy quite a bit of sauce. I bought 35 bottles in all. Some of them were quite big bottles (there is enough Frank's Hot Sauce alone to make over 250 Buffalo Wings). As I said above, I also included a t-shirt for Phil. They were designed by Chris Cassimus. I am wearing mine right now. You should order one in time for Christmas from my store.
I had tried all of the sauces before except for one: Stubbs' Moppin Sauce. I have tried Stubbs' BBQ Sauce and I think its pretty good. Plus, I really liked the color of this sauce. Hope its good Phil.

All in all, your donations raised enough money to buy 35 bottles of sauce. Heres the list of what was sent:

2 Bottles of Kens Steakhouse Wing Sauce
8 Large Bottles of Frank's Hot Sauce
3 Large Bottles of Texas Pete
8 Bottles of Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero (my personal favorite)
4 Bottles of Texas Pete Wing Sauce
4 Bottles of Budweiser Wing Sauce
3 Bottles of Stubbs Spicy BBQ Sauce
2 Bottles of Stubbs Moppin Sauce
1 Giant Bottle of Tabasco Sauce

Phred Barnet

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