Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wing Sauce for Soldiers

I have decided to extend my fund raising drive for the Wing Sauce for Soldiers campaign. The campaign has been a real success so far. As of today, I have raised $105!!!--all of which will be used to purchase my favorite Wing Sauces which I will be sending to our brave soldiers in Iraq.

I am extending the time for fund raising because I am waiting for my store to be updated with new merchandise for 2008 so that I can send Phil (my soldier friend in Iraq) a Chicken Wings '08 t-shirt with the sauce.

Also, It has been pointed out to me that I would be able to raise more money if i set up a Pay Pal account to collect the money. You can now send your donations to my Pay Pal account which is That is also my new email address.

I now plan on sending Phil the sauce at the end of this week, assuming that I can get a t-shirt here in time.

Phred Barnet

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