Friday, December 7, 2007

Why I Hate Ben Allen

I hate Ben Allen. Ben Allen is an evil man who has wronged me in the worst way possible.

I hate him.

This past Saturday, Ben was in Athens, Georgia which is the home of The Blind Pig Tavern. In my opinion, The Blind Pig makes the best Chicken Wings in the entire state of Georgia. Their Hot-Honey BBQ Wings are so delicious. They are the Wings that inspired the Chicken Wing Project. Anyways... I sent Ben Allen a text message requesting that he bring me back an order of Wings. I thought that Ben would be a good friend. I thought that he had feelings and that he was a good person.

I was wrong.

A good person would have brought me the Chicken Wings from Athens, especially considering the fat that he was practically next door to some delicious Wings, while i was over 60 miles away.

I would have brought him some Wings. I really would have.

To make matters worse, A-Mac (you may remember her from this post--she's the one in the brown shirt) sent me a text message just after noon on Sunday telling me "Ben is bringing you back sum Wings." Of course my hopes were way up until an hour and a half later when "she" sent me a message that said "Syke." (is it 1994? who says syke?)

Ben you should have brought me some Chicken Wings.

Shame on you.

I hate you.

But, I will forgive you today. Only because it is your birthday. Happy birthday man!

--Lets go get some Wings this afternoon man (on you--of course)

Phred Barnet

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