Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lord Of The Wings

Ok. So the Internet is a weird place. Apparently, there are crazies out there who spend their time eating and writing about Chicken Wings... imagine that!

I was messing around on Google trying to see how high up my page comes up if I Google "Chicken Wings" (not very high---yet) when I came across this site This guy named Jeff goes around to restaurants in far away places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and a distant, foreign land known as Canada.

His site is really cool and if i were going to be in any of these places, I would definitely have to take a look at Jeff's blog before trying local Wings. I really like his reviewing system and have been thinking of adopting a similar one (don't worry man, I won't rip your system off). Jeff also reviews Wing sauce and has recipes for making Wings at home-- including a dry rub recipe that looks delicious.

Please check out his site. I have put links in this post and also placed one on the side of the page under the "Friends" column. Also, look for an interview with me to appear on his site shortly.

Phred Barnet

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