Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Local

When I eat Wings with people who I've never had the pleasure of sharing Wings with, I always make it a point to ask them which Wing restaurant is their favorite. I love trying new Wings and I love hearing the debate that starts when someone names a place. I also keep an open mind in regards to my Wings and will try any Wing place that is recommended to me.

As everyone knows, I went to Dugans last week for some of my favorite Atlanta Wings. Several people met up with us and our Wings were quite tasty. During dinner, I asked Andy Pyle what his favorite Wings in Atlanta were. He simply pointed across the street from Dugans to a place called "The Local" that I have driven by dozens and dozens (did anyone notice my wing metaphor?) of times but never noticed. Andy told me that they had the best Wings and that I needed to try them.

Last night, I met up with a few friends and Bret Sanner who is not a friend. I decided to take Andy's advice and head over to the local. I arrived early and was given a menu which I inspected, looking for these supposedly great Wings, but they were not to be found. I know the picture below of the menu is hard to read, but try to tfind any mention of Wings on it.Chicken Wings were not to be found. Did Andy lie to me? Was he confused? Or was there another explanation? It turns out that The Local does not put Chicken Wings on the menu, but they do sell them. Apparently you have to be a huge fan of Wings to order them without even seeing them on the menu. I placed an order with the waitress for 10 Extra Hot-Wings. They took forever to get the Wings out to us (seems we picked trivia night to grab some Wings), but it was worth the wait.

There they are, in all their glory. Plus, look how nice that Chicken Wing Project t-shirt looks on me. Have you bought your t-shirt yet? STOP READING THIS NOW AND GO TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE, CLICK THE "STORE" LINK AND BUY YOURSELF A T-SHIRT, HAT, OR HOODIE!

I could tell just from smelling the Wings that I was in for a treat. The meat literally fell off the bone--it was that tender. The only complaint I have is that I did not detect a single bit of spice in the so-called Extra-Hot Wings that I ordered. Nevertheless, they were still DELICIOUS. They flavor was great and they tasted like BBQ ribs. The waitress informed me that they do a dry rub on the wings, smoke them, and then flash fry them.

During dinner, Evan (the only one out of the 5 of us to not order Wings) asked me where my favorite Wings in Atlanta are. I replied: "I think I'm eating them right not". These were the best Wings I have had since the famous Demetri's Wings I ate in Birmingham, Alabama. I only wish they had some kind of heat to them, because if they did, they would probably be rated as my favorite Wings ever. Still, as of now, I have to say they are the best Wings in Atlanta.

Good suggestion, Andy. I appreciate it. I will definitely have to go back to The Local and get their Wings. Hopefully next time there is some spice to them, but even if there isn't, they will still be delicious!

Where is your favorite place in Atlanta to get Wings. I have heard things from several people about "J.R. Crickets" (on spring street across from The Varsity), so I will probably go there next. I have also heard that Dantanna's near Lenox has great Wings. Let me know which are your favorite, either by clicking the "comments" link below this post or by emailing me at

Phred Barnet

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