Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dugan's Wings

As previously reported, I went to Dugan's last week and met up with a few friends/fans for some Chicken Wings. I love Dugans. I think their sauce is really good, and I was rewarded last week by delicious Wings swimming in sauce. I got an order of 10 of the X-Hot Wings and some fries. Here are my Wings below. Notice all of the extra sauce covering the Wings. This is how I prefer my Wings . I love to dip the Wings into the extra sauce, especially when it has a nice kick to it.
My one complaint about Dugan's Wings in the past is that they are usually small. Last week, however, this was not the case (not a straggler in the restaurant). I know the picture below is not very clear, but the picture is of Wingzilla, a giant beast of a Wing. The Wing is pictured right next to a pack of Parliament cigarettes. This Wing is as tall as a pack of cigarettes and at least half as wide in its widest parts.

What Wing night is complete without a picture of the boneyard:

Look at Jonathan rip apart a Wing. This final picture represents the one time I have ever felt sorry for a Chicken Wing. Wouldn't you be afraid too?


Phred Barnet

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