Monday, December 10, 2007

A Double Dose Of Wings

Friday night I went out in Buckhead to celebrate Ben Allen's 25th birthday. We went to Churchill's which is right around the corner from the Taco Stand on Roswell Road. Taco Stand makes some delicious Wings and I would rate them in the top tier of Atlanta Wings. At about 8:45 Friday night, my official Wingman, Jason and I each ordered a dozen Wings from the Taco Stand. I got the Extra Hot Wings. It was a nice short walk to the Taco Stand and we brought our Wings back to Churchill's and proceeded to eat them outside.

As I said above, I really do enjoy Taco Stand's Wings. I gave several of my Wings to my friend Bubba who proceeded to accidentally drop one of the Wings on the ground (keep in mind if he had done this on purpose, it would have been a clear act of terrorism)! The Wings were so good, and after having only 8 of them, I decided that I needed more Wings in my stomach to offset the Budweisers and Caribou Lous. So at around 11, Patrick Craig went over to the Taco Stand and picked up more Wings. This time I split my order with Drew French. They weren't as good as the first batch, but I still loved them.

Phred Barnet

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