Monday, December 10, 2007

AMac Reedems "Her"self By Delivering The Wings!

Saturday night I was given one of the nicest presents anyone has ever given me!

Ashley MacDonald brought me a dozen Wings from the Blind Pig Tavern in Athens, Georgia. She brought me Hot-Honey BBQ Wings which are my favorite Blind Pig Wings. As you all know, I have repeatedly declared that Blind Pgi makes the best Wings in the entire State of Georgia. Man... their Wings are sooooooo delicious. They are almost always (excluding gameday) giant and they are always soaked in tons of extra sauce which allows the flavor to soak all the way into the Wings.

"She" brought me the Wings Saturday night, but I waited until Monday just before noon to eat them. You would think that waiting so long would make the Wings taste less than great, yet they were easily the best Wings I have eaten in several months (probably since the last time I ate Blind Pig Wings). When I was done eating them, I seriously wanted to pour the sauce into a shot glass and drink it!

If Blind Pig were to sell their Wing sauce, I would gladly buy several bottles of it to cook my Wings with it at home.

Their Wings are definitely on the spicy side and are packed with a ton of flavor. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Blind Pig Tavern makes the best Wings in the State of Georgia. If anyone out there thinks that there are Wings in this State better than the Blind Pig please let me know. I would absolutely love to try them!

Phred Barnet

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Josh said...

I haven't had the Blind Pig's wings, but in my experience, JR Crickets had the best. Crickets is a seedy restaraunt across the street from the Varsity on Spring Street. From the outside, it looks like it should have a sanitation grade of 4, but it's actually a nice mini-chain in the Atlanta Area.