Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wings In Denver

I was back Denver last week for Thanksgiving. Denver is the city where I "grew up." Because I was not yet Wing crazy when I lived in Denver, I know very few places to get Wings when I am back. Saturday afternoon, I went to the Blake Street Tavern watch the Georgia/Georgia Tech game. The Blake Street Tavern is located near Coors Field and is a part of the Flying Dog brewery. I have been there in the past, but I have only eaten a burger. Their burgers are delicious and I have heard that there is nothing bad on the menu. My buddy Homer told me that the Wings were delicious and so even though I had eaten a few hours earlier I knew that I must taste these Wings.

I ordered mine Buffalo style because sometimes simplicity is the best route.

I liked the Wings. They were all nice and big (no stragglers) and were coated in sauce. They had just a little kick to them which went well with their nice buffalo flavor.

Plus, it was a great game and we ended up beating Tech (which my roommate calls "so gay") by 2 touchdowns which is over a dozen Wings!


Phred Barnet

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