Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Time To Wing It... Again!

Hey all,

I know its been a long time with no update, but I am back to announce that I will be eating only Chicken Wings once again this coming January.

I had so much fun eating only Wings earlier this year and I am excited about doing it again. January was probably one of the most fun months in my life.

I know I got tired of posting at the end of January, but I do still have the results:

WEIGHT: 176.4 lbs (Down 9.8 LBS)
BODY FAT %: 21.6 (Down 2.1%)
BMI: 23.9 (Down 1.3 points)
Cholesterol: 155 (Down 40 Points--and my ratio of good-bad cholesterol stayed the same)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically, I have never been healthier in my life than I was after eating nothing but Chicken Wings for an entire month! Also, I usually have really really bad heartburn, but did not have it once during the entire month. I think Hot Wings may somehow cure heartburn.

I did not do the Chicken Wing Project to lose weight or cholesterol points.

I did it for the glory!


Phred Barnet

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