Friday, November 30, 2007

Righteous Wings

Surprise, surprise... I had Chicken Wings for dinner last night. I went to Righteous Room on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta. This place was originally recommended to me by B.A. (more on him in a future post) in January. He suggsted them because they sell their Wings by the pound rather than by the dozen. I first tried their Wings several weeks ago and was not too impressed. I thought they tasted really vinegary and that they were nothing special. Last night, however, the Wings were delicious. I ordered them spicy and was pleasantly surprised by how much better they were this time around. The Wings had just the perfect amount of spice to them. I could definitely taste the spice, but it didn't overpower me or make me sweat (or cry). The Wings were all nicely sized, and even the smaller ones couldn't be characterized as stragglers. This is why it is important to give mediocre Wings another try... they could tun out to be divine.

On another note, please don't forget to get me your pledges for the "Wings for Soldiers" fund raiser. Pledges are approaching $100 which will buy a nice amount of Wing sauce for our brave soldiers. Feel fee to email me at for more information on this.

Phred Barnet

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Erik said...

You ought to have a paypal account link for donations.