Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Help Me Out

January approaches fast. In fact, It seems to be getting closer each and every day! This means I need your help in promoting the Chicken Wing Project.

I need you to do whatever you can to help me get some publicity for the Chicken Wing Project. I became somewhat almost famous this past January due to the Project and would like to achieve some sort of actual celebrity status this coming January.

I was talking to a friend of my family from Washington state who told me that he was telling someone at work about the Chicken Wing Project when they told him that they actually had been reading my blog everyday.

I have been recognized at a bar in Virginia Highlands.

But my favorite story of recognition: I was in Denver in June and I was talking about Chicken Wings (because I always talk about them) and she told me that she had heard something on the radio that a Wing lover such as myself would absolutely love. She then proceeded to tell me about a guy who ate nothing but Chicken Wings for a month!

This is all great, but I would like to really get noticed this time around. As I said before, this is the greatest accomplishment in the history of mankind and it would be an absolute shame if the world didn't find out about it.


1. Email your friends. If you have been reading this blog with any regularity, please send out an email to your friends telling them about the Chicken Wing Project. Please be sure to include a link to my new site http://www.ChickenWings08.com.

2. Call or email a local radio station. If you are bored at work, shoot an email to your favorite morning show and maybe I can get an interview or at least some free press out of it.

3. Help me find a sponsor. If you know anyone in the Chicken Wing industry, tell them about the Project and maybe I can get a sponsorship out of the deal (or at least a free meal).

4. Take out a full page ad for me in the New York Times. If you do this for me, I'll be your best friend.


Phred Barnet

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