Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chicken Wings In Iraq

I am gearing up to do the Chicken Wing Project again and today I happened to sign into my MySpace account for the first time in months. I found a message from an American soldier named Phil who had friended me during the Chicken Wing Project:

You are my hero! If i could eat wings for a year, id be happy as hell!

We got em here in iraq everyday, but they are weak. Little to no sauce at all. They try and vary the flavors from spicy, honey mustard, bbq, and some other weird sauce from time to time, but i think its a cover up. The wings have no flavor. You should start a website to change this! Start a fundraiser to send some damn hot wing sauce to iraq to help feed these soldiers! But im only kidding. Im stationed at benning, but never been to any of the places you mentioned. i come back in march, so maybe ill try a couple of your joints.

Phil--I appreciate your support for the Chicken Wing Project man. I am glad that our soldiers can have Wings every day, but it saddens me deeply that the Wings are so bad. It is nice of you to call me your hero, but if anything, you are my hero. Stay safe in Iraq and hit me up when you get to Georgia and I'll buy ya a dozen Wings.

So, I have heard that there are ways to send care packages to our brave soldiers overseas and I think it would be a great idea to send Phil and his unit a bunch of good Wing Sauce in time for Christmas. If people can get me a bottle of some good Wing Sauce by December 1st, I will arrange for it to be shipped to Iraq so that our troops can enjoy some tasty Wings. My friends know how to find me, but other people can email me at ChickenWingProject@yahoo.com for information on where to send the Wing Sauce.


Phred Barnet

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