Thursday, February 1, 2007

To Extend Or Not To Extend?

I had so much fun this month! I hope you enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame as much as I did. As of this posting, I had 1848 hits on my blog. I think that's pretty cool.

Could I go another month? Easy. The rest of the year? For sure. I don't think that anyone who knows me doesn't think that I have the will power to do it. But, I can't possibly write about this anymore. I have not grown tired of eating Chicken Wings every day, although I do often wish that I had other food in my mouth. But I am so tired of writing about eating Wings and from the stats on the site, a lot of yall are tired of reading about them.

So, no. I think Ill leave it at a month. In no opinion its no small feat. In fact, I'll stick by my original statement and declare that the Chicken Wing Project was the "greatest achievement in the history of mankind!"

Phred Barnet