Friday, January 5, 2007

Wings With B-Love

I was going to cook Wings today. I really was. I was planning on going to the store and buying all kinds of ingredients and a large large satchel of Wings to cook for the next few weeks after breakfast (still uncomfortable using that term) this morning. But when I opened up my computer to type this morning's blogs, I saw a message from Brittany Lovell telling me that she would be in Atlanta and wanting to know if I could eat Wings with her in the early afternoon.

Well, I decided to put off the homemade Wings for another day. I will do them this weekend. I met Brittany at Rock Bottom Brewery on Peachtree and Piedmont in Buckhead slightly after 3pm. For me, this should be considered breakfast as I had been awaken at 130pm by a female who wanted to know my address so that she could mail me a large check (seriously).

Rock Bottom's Wings were good, but not great. They were very, very crispy, almost too crispy. Also the overcrispiness of the Wings caused them to be a little dry. I also had a few Wings that B.A. would probably describe as stragglers. I suspect that the Wings would have been better had I gone in to eat them at a "normal" meal time. They weren't bad at all, they just were by no means excellent.

Funny thing though. We had a really good waiter who did a great job. I mentioned to him at least a few times that I loved Wings and wasn't even considering eating anything else. When he suggested eating the Wings with some jalapenos on them, I was intrigued, but could not try this, because jalapenos are neither carrots or celery. After I ate 6 of the Wings and we were done, he came by to ask about deserts. I told him that I don't like deserts, as I only eat Chicken Wings. He thought I was kidding so he responded by asking me in a joking manner if I was on some kind of strict Chicken Wing diet!!!

I laughed and replied: "You have no idea man."

He really didn't.


Phred Barnet


Ben said...


i'm going places.

Sabina said...

Fred, you should try these jap wings. Who cares if they aren't celery or carrots? They act as a flavor enhancer to your wing. I've read all the different sauces/spices you've tried on your wings, but you never limited yourself there...why stop at the japs? quit being so racist against the japs.