Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Wings Were Terrible!

As usualy, I went to Frankie's for Chicken Wings Tuesday night. The first thing I noticed was that Tabitha who had waited on our table every week since we started going there was not working. I ordered a dozen Carolina BBQ Wings expecting them to be up to their usual standards. Unfortunately, they were abysmal. They were chewy and for a minute I thought they were undercooked. The sauce was applied only very lightly, and did not taste good at all. Remember the microwaved Wings that I ate last week before work that I only finished because I knew that I would not be eating for 12 hours? Well, these were so bad that I only finished 3.5 of them before I knew I couldn't take another bite. I have these Wings in my fridge, but I doubt that I will be finishing them.


Phred Barnet


Jeffrey said...

Dude when do you want to go get some wings, just call me,and thanks for the props with gary

Roger said...

I'm a pretty smart guy and I just put something together. You've eaten 113 wings in 10 days. After some quick calculations, that means you're averaging 11.3 wings per day. How is that possible??? I would say an average meal of wings consists of b/w 10 and 12 wings, but you're eating at least 2 wing-meals a day and are only eating just over 11 per day? Are you coping out and eating more celery and carrots? Yes, Fred, I'm calling you out!