Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Wings for Supper

I repeated a Tuesday night tradition last night by going to Frankie's for Chicken Wings and trivia. As usual, I ordered a half dozen Hot Wings and a half dozen Carolina BBQ Wings. And also as usual, the Wings at Frankie's were excellent. I really really enjoy eating their Wings and I have never had a single bad Wing from there. Plus, they were brought to me by Tabitha who is my favorite waitress. One downside of the evening was that our team won a free appetizer last week which I was unable to enjoy because of my new policy of avoidance of all foods non-Chicken Wing. So of couse, we won another free appetizer this week which I will not be able to eat next week, but I knew that this month would be full of tough tests like this one and I am fully prepared to give up some free food in exchange for following through with my beliefs.

I am not going to describe these Wings in much detail, as I have talked about them several times in the past. Frankie's Wings in one word: heavenly.

Frankie's is located off I-285 and Roswell Road. Other locations are also known as Jocks and Jill's.

Wings Eaten So Far: 33

Phred Barnet

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