Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Wings For Breakfast... Or Dinner? You Be The Judge

For those of you who don't know, I work the Dracula shift (930pm-7am) at my job. This schedule fucks up my entire world, causing me to flip-flop night and day. I got home this morning slightly after 7 and I was very hungry since I had not eaten a single bite of food since last night's meal at Frankie's (see previous post). Now we all know that Chicken Wings are not usually considered to be a breakfast food, but one of the main goals of the Chicken Wing Project is to change these types of negative assumptions.

After all, this is America, and America is a land that values equality. My firm belief is that all meals were created equally. We should all consider eating Chicken Wings for breakfast every morning. Are we so willing to follow the so called laws of tradition that we sit quietly and go along with them without questioning them at all? I think not. Let us fellow Chicken Wing eaters rise up against the laws that says that one can not eat Chicken Wings for breakfast.

...Anyways, yesterday afternoon I bought a satchel of Tyson's Hot Wings from the local Chicken Wing store. This morning after work, while watching Saved By the Bell on TBS (seriously), I grilled up 7 of these babies. [On a side note, I always thought Screech was a little odd, but damn he was a super stalker in the episode I watched. I bet he had a wall in his room pasted with thousands of pictures of Lisa Turtle (much like my room is pasted with thousands of pictures of Sabina). I'm surprised that Lisa never got a restraining order against him.] Well, these pre-cooked Wings were not spectacular by any means, yet they were surprisingly good. There wasn't a whole lot of kick to them, but they had a nice size to them and a good flavor. I will be enjoying more of these in the coming days. Although I set out to eat 7 Wings, I dropped one on my carpet after eating about half of it. Normally I would consider eating food that I had just dropped, but we don't have a vacuum here and my carpet is kinda dirty. So I only ate 6.5 of the Wings.

My question for the readers is whether this meal of Chicken Wings at 745 in the morning qualifies as breakfast. On the one hand, I ate them in the morning, so that would lean towards a yes answer. On the other hand however, I ate them after working 9 hours and being up for most of the previous day, so they could actually count as dinner or even a midnight snack. Was I eating Chicken Wings for breakfast just now at 745am, or will I be eating Chicken Wings for breakfast this evening when I eat them just after waking up at about 4? Feel free to post your thoughts on this here, on my FaceBook page, or on my MySpace page. I am interested in seeing how people feel on this issue.

Whether these were breakfast Wings or not, I urge everyone to try Wings for breakfast sometime soon.

In fact, I declare January 7th to be National Chicken Wings For Breakfast Day.

Wings Eaten So Far: 39.5

Phred Barnet


homerthedwarf said...

your a real thomas jefferson there fred

ballen said...

Wings consumed at 7:45 in the morning are definitely breakfast wings. End of discussion.